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MRCP Part 2 Written Exam

  • The MRCP Part 2 Written Exam can be taken by physicians in training who have passed the MRCP Part 1 Examination.
  • The Part 2 written examination moved to a single day format at the beginning of 2018.
  • The MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written Examination will test the ability to apply clinical understanding, make clinical judgements and take responsibility for:
    1. Prioritising diagnostic or problem lists
    2. Planning investigation
    3. Selecting a plan for immediate management
    4. Selecting a plan for long-term management
    5. Assessing prognosis.

MRCP Part 2 Written exam at a glance

  • two papers taken on one day
  • papers last three hours
  • 100 multiple choice questions (best of five) per paper
  • questions include images
  • sat in an examination hall.

MRCP Part 2 Exam Centres, dates & fees

  • As a consequence of the ongoing global COVID-19 situation, the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK has taken the extremely difficult but necessary decision to cancel all MRCP(UK) examinations in the UK and internationally until September 2020 (Click here to read more).
  • Applications made outside the opening and closing dates will not be accepted. Please see the UK examination centres and international examination centres sections for details of which centres run for which examinations.

MRCP Part 2 online exam

  • New for 2020, we have introduced an online version of the Part 2 exam.
  • The examination is taken via one platform and we are using two proctoring services, ProctorExam and Examity. You will be emailed directly with information on which proctoring service you have be allocated to.
  • The format and content of the examination will be exactly the same for both groups, irrespective of which proctoring service is being used.
  • Click here for the complete details of the online exam.

How to complete your application?

  • Apply online through My MRCP(UK). The main steps are:
    1. Log into your My MRCP(UK) account
    2. Check that all your personal details are up-to-date
    3. Fill in details about whether you are training in the UK or not
    4. Choose a centre where you would like to take the examination
    5. Complete any special arrangements where applicable as the details will not still be on the system from a previous exam
    6. Pay for the examination.
  • If you are unable to make an application online:
    • Please contact the relevant College of Entry and request for a paper application form.
    • Previously saved or stored paper applications will not be accepted, you must contact the relevant College of Entry for the most recent version.
  • If you are applying to sit the examination in Hong Kong: further details of how to make an application can be found here.
  • Completing your application: When you apply for the Part 2 examination your application may be incomplete for one of the reasons below.

How to pay?

  • If you opted to pay the examination fee by cheque, bank draft, cash, or if your online card payment was unsuccessful, please arrange for a payment to be made as soon as possible.
  • You can opt to pay using the options below. If paying via a credit/debit card, you can now log back into your My MRCP(UK) account at a later date to make payment of the examination fee if your first attempt is unsuccessful.
    1. Credit/Debit card: To make a payment over the phone you will need to provide the 16 digit card number, expiry date (month/year) and the 3 digit security code (on the back of the card). Please contact the relevant administrative office to give your details over the phone (Click here for the complete details).
    1. Cheques/Bank drafts: Please ensure all cheques and bank drafts are drawn on a UK bank and are made payable to ‘The Royal College of Physicians’. Please send draft and cheque payments to the relevant administrative office address below (Click here for the complete details).
    2. Cash: Cash payments are only accepted in person at the addresses below. DO NOT send cash payments by post/courier (Click here for the complete details).
  • Please note that you may pay by any method listed above, regardless of the option which you selected at the time of your application.

Declaration form

What to expect on examination day?

  • This information is designed to give candidates who will be sitting a Part 2 examination guidance as to what to expect, both before the examination and on the day.
  • Before the examination day:
    • Check the location of your examination venue, detailed on your admission document
    • Plan your route to the examination venue, leaving plenty time for any possible transport delays
    • Print a copy of your admission document
    • Check that the name on your admission document matches the name on the forms of ID you will present at the examination
    • Contact MRCP(UK) with any name discrepancy queries well in advance of the examination day
    • Re-read the MRCP(UK) Regulations, in particular Sections 4 – Candidate responsibilites and 6 – Attendance at the MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 Written Examinations.
  • On the examination day:
    • Arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the examination start
    • Be at your desk at least 15 minutes before Paper 2 is due to start
    • Be prepared to store any bags, coats and electronic devices (including mobile phones and pagers) away from your desk
    • Bring enough food and drink for a 3-hour examination (please note that candidates sitting MRCP(UK) examination in Lahore, Pakistan cannot take food or drink into the examination)
    • Place any food and drink on the floor under your desk, so invigilators have a clear view of your examination question booklet and answer sheet at all times
    • Bring appropriate warm clothing as we may not be able to regulate the examination venue temperature to suit all requirements
    • Ensure you bring lunch refreshments, as appropriate. You may not be able to buy any close to the examination venue
    • Be prepared to show your ID before the start of each paper
    • Leave your admission document easily accessible, for collection by an invigilator during the final paper
    • Listen to and follow all instructions given by the Chief Invigilator
    • Leave all stationery on your desk when each paper ends
    • Remain quiet when leaving as other candidates may still be working.
  • On the examination day do not:
    • Bring any stationery or calculators to the examination, as MRCP(UK) supplies all required stationery – 2B pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser
    • Write any notes on your admission document – all notes should be made in your question booklet
    • Wear hoods during the examination, as you will be asked to remove it by the Chief Invigilator.

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