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  • The AMC Clinical Examination is an integrated multidisciplinary structured clinical assessment consisting of a 16-component multistation assessment.
    • It assesses clinical skills in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry. It also assesses ability to communicate with patients, their families and other health workers.
  • If you have passed the AMC MCQ Examination, you are eligible to apply for the AMC Clinical Examination.
  • The dates for the Clinical examinations are found on this website, please click here.
    • There are specified examination dates and defined closing dates.
    • All final dates are subject to change. In the case of any changes to examination dates, the AMC will notify candidates well in advance in order for candidates to be able to apply for alternative dates.
  • Clinical examinations are now held at the Australian Medical Council’s Vernon C Marshall National Test Centre (NTC) in Melbourne.
    • Clinical examinations are held on both weekdays and Saturdays throughout the year.
    • This allows candidates with religious convictions to schedule in either a weekday or weekend examination.
  • You may only apply for one Clinical examination at a time.
    • If you have been scheduled for a Clinical examination, you may not re-apply for another Clinical examination until you have received your results from the scheduled examination.

AMC Clinical Examination Dates

  • Clinical examination dates will be released monthly due to a significant number of candidates not accepting positions, or withdrawing from exams. The AMC is continually reviewing the scheduling policy with an aim to:
    • Increase the notification period of available examination dates. Notification of future examination dates are only published when the currently open examination dates have been completely scheduled by candidates.
    • Dates are therefore currently made available to help meet candidate demand.
    • Ensure a system that is fair to all candidates. Particularly, candidates who have committed to examination dates and are subsequently impacted by other candidates cancelling.

AMC Clinical Examination Scheduling process

  • The Clinical Examination scheduling process includes:
    1. Once an examination is open for scheduling, candidates will be able to log into their candidate portal and directly apply for their preferred examination date. Candidates will be able to choose from either the morning or afternoon session.
    2. Payment of the examination fee is ONLY accepted by credit card. There will be a 15 minute time frame to complete payment for the examination, once this has lapsed, the placement will be released to the next candidate.
    3. Once payment has been successfully processed, a placement letter and receipt confirming candidate examination details will be available immediately to download from the candidate portal.
  • Once the examination placements have been filled, the AMC will compile a cancellation list.
    • To be put on this list, candidates must email us via our Contact Form (please note telephone requests will not be accepted).
    • In the event that a candidate is unable to proceed with their examination, candidates on the cancellation list will be contacted to fill the available position.
    • The cancellation list does not guarantee an examination placement and is only valid for the month that is open for scheduling.
  • Once you have been scheduled in the Clinical examination and then subsequently withdraw, there will be no refund – except in an exceptional circumstance as determined by the AMC Chief Executive Officer or nominee.
    • To withdraw, a candidate must submit a Withdrawal Form, which can be found here.
  • Please note: scheduling is on a first come first serve basis as candidates apply through their candidate portal.
  • If you require assistance or have questions regarding the scheduling process: please use our Contact Form or, call the direct candidate line on 02 6270 7878 (Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm).
  • Important note: Clinical examination dates are subject to change or cancellation.

AMC Clinical Examination format

  • The format of the clinical examination:
    • There will be 20 stations comprising 14 scored stations, 2 pilot (non-scored) stations and 4 rest (non-scored) stations.
    • Further information on the format of the clinical examination can be found in the Clinical Examination Specifications, please click here.
  • Changes to the AMC Clinical Examination Retest: The Australian Medical Council has recently reviewed procedures regarding the offering of a Clinical Exam Retest to AMC Candidates. Please see the full press release here for more information.
  • AMC Clinical Examination Format – Change to Pass Score
    • With the removal of the clinical exam retest from 1 January 2019, the AMC will change the pass score for the clinical examination for all candidates who sit the clinical examination after 1 January 2019.
    • Effective for exams commencing on 20 February 2019, the clinical examination pass score will be changed from 11/14 to 10/14.
  • Reason for Change to Pass Score:
    • Prior to 1 January 2019 the clinical exam retest was offered to AMC candidates who were assessed as having a borderline performance to allow the AMC to further assess candidate ability. However, candidates often leave long periods between their initial undertaking of the clinical examination and undertaking the retest.
    • The result of a lag between the two is that the retest becomes less meaningful and does not provide any additional indication of candidate ability.
    • The AMC has decided that it is preferable that a candidate’s performance in the clinical examination is scored as a pass or fail overall.
    • In conjunction with the change to the required pass score, the AMC is developing a new feedback model for candidates who sit the clinical examination which will be introduced in 2019.
    • Clinical scoring model (Outline of Change to Pass Score from 1 January 201)9:
Pass10 or more/14
Fail9 or less/14
RetestRetest no longer offered


AMC Clinical Examination fees

  • The fee for the clinical examination will be payable at the time the candidate schedules for an examination session.
  • Once payment has been made, a placement letter will be available for download via the candidate portal. The clinical examination fees are available on the fees and charges web page.
  • For candidates paying by cheque a placement letter will be available for download via the candidate portal once payment has been received and processed.
  • If a candidate decides they are unable to take the Clinical examination once scheduled, they must submit a Withdrawal Form. Please click here to obtain the Clinical examination Withdrawal Form.
  • Once you have been scheduled in the Clinical examination and then subsequently withdraw, there will be no refund – except in an exceptional circumstance as determined by the AMC Chief Executive Officer or nominee.
    • Such applications must be made in writing, accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate or Statutory Declaration.
    • Please note that a withdrawal due to personal circumstances, such as minor illness or travel arrangements that are the responsibility of the candidate will not be accepted as exceptional circumstances.
    • Any refund granted following consideration, will incur an administrative fee of $300.00
  • Payment options
    • Candidates have the following payment option: credit card—Visa and MasterCard only
    • Payments must be in Australian dollars by one of the options listed above.
    • Cash will not be accepted.

AMC Clinical Examination resources

  • National Inpatient Medication Chart: Candidate instructions for the National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) and National Prescribing Curriculum (NPC)
  • Clinical examination specifications: The Clinical Examination Specifications booklet contains guidelines and specifications to assist candidates for the AMC Clinical Examination. The guidelines contain information about:
    1. the format and content of the examination
    2. the levels of clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes required to satisfy the requirements of the examination
    3. the areas and topics covered in the examination
    4. preparing for the examination
    5. suggested reading lists for the examination.
  • Download the AMC Clinical Examination Specifications (V3.0, 16 January 2019)
  • Suggested textbooks: You can purchase AMC textbooks from our online store and view other helpful publications in the suggested reading list.
  • Bridging courses: The AMC provides information about bridging courses providers as a service to candidates. The AMC does not endorse or accredit individual bridging programs. The bridging course listing on the AMC website is provided as an information service only. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check that the information is correct, and that the aims of the course match the candidate’s requirements.

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