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Breaching of NEET UG 2021 Examination Rules– Unfair Means Practice:

  1. Prohibited items: Being in possession of any item or article which has been prohibited (refer to the barred items section).
  2. Impersonation (using someone to write examination ) or preparing material for copying
  3. Breaching examination rules or any direction issued by NTA.
  4. Malpractices: assisting other candidates to engage in malpractices, giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind, or attempting to do so.
  5. Question paper & answer sheet related: 
    • Writing questions or answers on any material other than the answer sheet given.
    • Taking away the answer sheet out of the examination hall/room.
    • Smuggling out of Question Paper or its part or smuggling out answer sheet or part thereof.
    • Tearing of Answer Sheet, any page of the test booklet.
    • Erasing or obliterating any information printed on the OMR sheet.
    • Providing incorrect information on the answer sheet.
    • Making fake claims by manipulating the responses in the OMR sheet uploaded on the website for the challenge before or after the declaration of result. 
  6. Contacting or communicating: or trying to do so with any person during the examination time in the Examination Centre (other than the Examination Staff).
  7. Use or attempted use of any electronic device: after entering the Examination Centre.
  8. Officials related: 
    • Forceful entry/exit in/from Examination Centre/Hall.
    • Threatening the officials: connected with the conduct of the examination or threatening any of the candidates.
    • Creating obstacles in smooth and fair conduct of the examination. 
  9. Manipulation and fabrication of online documents: viz. admit card, rank letter, self-declaration.
  10. Any other malpractices are declared as unfair means by the NTA.


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Punishment for using Unfair means practices in NEET UG 2021:

  1. The candidate would be debarred for 3 years in the future.
  2. Also, be liable for criminal action and /or any other action as deemed fit. 
  3. Cancellation of Result.

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