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Caution Notice for FMGE December 2020 Aspirants:

  • FMGE December 2020 Aspirants are Advised not to be allured: Candidates are advised not to be allured by claims of any party or person or institute for qualifying FMGE.

  • NBE does not make any phone calls to any candidate or issues any communication regarding the change of rank/marks obtained in any of the exams conducted by NBE or for any other such thing which is against the provisions of law.
  • Cautioned not to be misled: Candidates are cautioned not to be misled by any such false and bogus claims regarding change of marks, result, or rank.
  • Complaints: Candidates are advised to bring any such information to notice of NBE by e-mail at mail@natboard.edu.in

Non-Disclosure Agreement for FMGE December 2020 Aspirants:

  • Confidential & proprietary of the FMGE December 2020: contents of this exam are confidential, proprietary, and are owned by the NBE.
  • Warning:
    1. Publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any or some contents of this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, or for any purpose are explicitly prohibited by the NBE.
    2. No content of this exam must be shared with friends, acquaintances, or third parties including sharing through online means or via social media.
      • Social media includes but not limited to SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, Blogs, etc. using either one’s own account or proxy account(s).
    3. Non Disclosure Agreement and general terms by registering for and /or appearing in FMGE the candidate explicitly agrees to the above Non-Disclosure Agreement and general terms of use for FMGE as contained in this Information Bulletin, FMGE website.
  • Punishment of violation: violation of any act or breach of the same shall be liable for penal action and cancellation of the candidature at the bare threshold.

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