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Is FMGE a very tough exam like AIIMS?

No. FMGE is a qualifying exam to validate your standards before licensing you to legally practice in India.

Then why do FMGs perceive that way?

  • Most of the foreign students falsely perceive the standard of FMGE as the PGMEE one due to various reasons.
  • Students are used to preparing for only  a fixed set of  questions in almost all universities in China, Russia & Post-Soviet countries
  • Curriculum gap (Lacuna of knowledge): missing parts of the curricula that are high yield for various FMGEs (such as PSM).
    • Current MBBS/MD curriculum abroad is competent enough to fit for the international standards
    • The primary goal of any foreign medical student is to register themselves as legal practitioners in India but curricula in foreign medical universities are not structured to aid in the FMGE India (Except few countries).
  • Test anxiety + escape behavior: Global psychological phenomenon

Are most of the questions from out of syllabus?

No. FMGE is a is a standard exam with the subject distribution from 19 subjects as per the FMGE syllabus prescribed by MCI.

Then why do FMGs perceive that way?

Is it very difficult to manage the time to study for FMGE while studying at the University?

No. It’s due to the inaccurate learning strategy & time management of most of the students.

Then why do FMGs perceive that way?

Lack of strategy in learning & revision:

  • No experts to help in sorting out the learning strategies.
  • No guidance to regulate the studies.
  • No encouragement /discouragement by seniors.

Lack of time management:

  • Procrastination (start to prepare late).
  • No guidance on time management.
  • No encouragement & discouragement by seniors.

Is it very difficult to attempt the FMGE in the online platform?

No. The FMGE online platform is developed by the experts, liability was probed & rehearsed by various means before implementing in the public exam, therefore, the errors & operational difficulties are very minimal

Then why do FMGs perceive that way?

  • Due to the lack of familiarity with the online exams, they perceive that they do not get ample time to respond to most of the questions.
  • Insufficient guidance & minimal exposure to the international type of exams/FMGE :
    • Lack of insight into FMGs.
    • Lack of guidance to FMGs.
    • Lack of practice of FMGE type of exams.
  • Lack of test practice & self-assessment:
    • Lack of acquaintance decreases the accuracy and speed but increases Test anxiety in the exam.
    • No assessment to scrutinize the efficiency of the students.
  • Test anxiety + escape behavior: Global psychological phenomenon

Is there a lack of transparency regarding the FMGE marking?

It’s an online exam therefore the marking is computerized. NBE releases the errata & grace marks if errata is found. It’s impossible to hamper the marks of anyone individually to fail. However, there is a level of uncertainty about the transparency due to the following reasons:

  • The blueprint of the FMGE pattern has never been released by the authorities.
  • Disproval of the demand to release the question paper and answer key  post-exam by NBA
  • Rationalization by students for their failure.
  • Unproven claims of various parties or persons or institutes.



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