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The psychology behind customizing your study space for FMGE Preparation:

  • Every FMGE aspirant is unique in their own ways of studying but most of them tend to overlook the necessity of a dedicated study space which is a tool to improve your concentration.
  • Customized study space is better than using living a living room or a bedroom because your mind tends to be a director by the environmental cues there for you most likely to end up watching TV in a living room or often falling sleep in a bedroom, therefore, customized study space for FMGE preparation is very less likely to be under disturbance at home.
  • Concentration circuit: it scientifically proved that your focus tends to gradually decrease when you are stuck in the same location because our brains are active when sensory modalities of stimuli keep changing, therefore, we highly recommend you to take effective & scheduled breaks when you switch the location between the tasks (Move around). It’s highly advised to make human contacts during these breaks to prevent the anxiety created by the isolation in the study room for a long duration!.

Customize your study space for FMGE preparation

  • Clutter: Remove the unnecessary items from the desk/room & keep a tidy desk and room.
  • Comfort: Get a comfortable seat & atmosphere (Temperature/Light/nice) to get absorbed in your work.
  • Appropriate Light: Find the right level for you (too dark leads to straining to read → tiring yourself out & too bright leads to overstimulation →contribute to headaches or stress)
  • Noise Levels: find a place where the noise will be consistent and suited to your tastes.
  • Personalization of the space: Add some personal touches (some photos/god idols etc)
  • Tools to Manage Your Time:  A clock should be easily visible from where you are sitting + stick the FMGE study plan & To-Do list close by.

Time management skills & To-Do list ↓

  • Keep your FMGE Study aids ready: Ensure that you have everything you will require on a regular basis close to hand.

Grab the Best Study Materials & Qbank for the FMGE ↓

  • Distractions:  Write down your distractions to be stuck in your study room and then make sure all of them are away.

Manage your Procrastination ↓

  • Maintain: all the things mentioned above should be maintained & make sure you clean your mess before leaving the space in order to start your next session effectively.

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