dr hari Dr. Harinath MD

Dr. Harinath MD

Co-founder of DaVinci Medical academy (DMA, Chennai),
Librarius DaVinci (DaVinci publishers, Chennai)


He has been teaching in various private institutes catering to PGMEEs & FMGEs since 2009. He had been a full time teaching faculty at Jinzhou Medical University from 2013 to 2018, currently working as a part-time faculty at Jinzhou medical university.

Dr harinath Dr. Harinath MD


His initial research interest was in infections etiology of atherosclerosis & obesity during his undergraduate studies. His current research works are morphological changes in motor + non-motor system in the brain in pesticide mediated Parkinsonism & prospective study on Improving the efficiency of undergraduate medical students through a digitally aided scientific approach called Integrated Digitally augmented Learning Program (IDP).


He had been publishing since 2010 in Jaypee medical publisher & since 2014 Librarius DaVinci has been the exclusive source of publications of books for FMGE & digital publications for medical education.