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Effective Reading Tips for FMGE: PQRST method of reading study materials in FMGE preparation :

  • A method of reading a textbook or notes to make sure that the information you read really does enter your long term memory & It’s sometimes cryptically known as SQ3R.
  • Based on work by Thomas and H. A. Robinson, Space and Berg and R. P.Robinson.
  1. Preview (P):
    • Preview the entire chapter: skim through it all so you know what you’re going to be covering  (read the section introductions and check out the figures).
  2. Question (Q):
    • Start by asking yourself “what am I supposed to learn in this section”→Try to convert each topic/sub-topic headlines as questions.
    • This helps to get your brain into sync with the topic being discussed.
  3. Read (R):
    • Read that section carefully & comprehend.
    • Underline or highlight key-words (Von Restorff effect).
    • If you want to take notes, read the whole section first, then summarise later (Use Cornell system).
  4. Self-recitation (S):
    • Try to recall & recite some information you studied aloud.
    • Check back against the text, and note the things you missed out.
    • Only then go on to the next section and Question again.
  5. Test (T):
    • Test yourself and review all the material (Even though you have only just read the chapter, now is the best time to test yourself).

How To Remember More Of What You Read ↓

Effective Reading Tips for FMGE: Aims of the first reading

    1. Familiarizing with the topics.
    2. Understanding the concepts.
    3. Improving the concepts & updates.
    4. Emphasizing high yield topics.
    5. Clearing doubts/discuss.
Assimilation vs Accommodation of knowledge
Assimilation of knowledge Accommodation of knowledge
  • Learner encounters a new idea, and must ‘fit’ that idea into what they already know.
  • Think of this as filling existing containers.
  • More substantial, requiring the learner to reshape those containers.

Grab the Best Study Materials for the FMGE 2022 ↓

Effective Reading Tips for FMGE: Study tricks for FMGE increase the efficiency of comprehension:

  • Narrow your focus: Tackle a manageable amount of material (Try to avoid global statements like I need to study anatomy) & Stay with one topic for at least an hour or an hour and a half. 
  • Complete the manageable subject segment or number of pages designated→ shift from this topic to a related one.
Strong vs Weak?
  • The time you spend/subject depends upon your basic knowledge of the subject :
    • Cover weak areas first & with more time →go to your stronger areas
    • Return  to those subjects you once considered your weak areas at the end of your entire review
  • Once you have complete this→ take a break → change to a completely unrelated subject.
  • Sandwich trick: Sandwich subjects you dislike between two slices of those that you enjoy.
  • When you feel bogged down:  intersperse subjects you find difficult with comfortable, familiar, and somehow related ones.
  • Tackle difficult areas when you are refreshed/when your energy level is low
  • Alternate a process related course (like biochemistry)→ take a break→ tackle a physical object course (anatomy).
  • Treat yourself with your favorite subjects: only when you finish a weaker/ troublesome one.
What is the Illusion of Competency / Study trap?
  • The mental situation where you think you’ve mastered a set of material but you really haven’t (Study Trap)→ You’ve fooled yourself into believing you know something you don’t.
  • How to cope up with the Competency / Study trap?
    1. Self-testing during study →Pause for few minutes → close the book/ notes→ recall the facts you just read.
    2. Topic-wise MCQ tests.
    3. Active discussion with a competent partner or in a group.

Grab the Best Qbank for the FMGE 2022 ↓

How to choose related subjects to increase efficiency & decrease the time duration of the preparation?

    • Anatomy→ Orthopedics → Radiology→Surgery
    • Physiology→ Pathology → Pharmacology→Medicine
    • Microbiology → PSM
    • Biochemistry → Pediatrics → Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Forensic medicine → Psychiatry
    • ENT → Opthalmology
    • Skin → Anesthesia

The effective method of revision for FMGE



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