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Examination for registration to practise medicine (erpm) of the sri lanka medical council – examination rules


This Examination is limited to those who are eligible to sit, under Act No.16 of 1965 and Section 29(I)(b)(ii)(cc) of the Medical Ordinance, having fulfilled the requirement criteria.

The format of the ERPM examination from 2014 and modified from 1st March 2017 is presented in this document.

The date to complete all Parts of ERPM (A, B, C and D) is five (5) years from the date of first registration. Those who complete would be eligible to obtain Provisional Registration with the SLMC to proceed to training as an Intern. (ref. conditions applicable to candidates registering for the ERPM before 1st March in the document stating “Arrangements for the ERPM from 1st March 2017” which is displayed in the SLMC website).


Every candidate who registers for an examination shall be deemed to have sat the examination unless he/she withdraws from the examination with proven valid reasons submitted to the Education Committee for approval of such withdrawal within the specified period (closing date for applications) or submits a valid medical certificate (MC) covering the period of absence before the end of the examination. The medical certificate shall be from a medical practitioner registered with the SLMC. Such MC will require the acceptance of the Education Committee of the SLMC. The candidate may have to appear before a Medical Board appointed by the SLMC if the necessity arises. Changing of the date, time, venue or centre of the examination by the candidate is not permitted and such requests shall not be entertained.


Candidates shall be present at the examination hall at least 30 minutes before the commencement of each paper or clinical/viva voce examination, but shall not enter the hall until requested to do so by the supervisor.


A candidate should have the Passport, National Identity Card or Driving License (to prove his/her identity)as well as the SLMC Registration Card and the Admission Card with the Index Number when entering the examination hall and on every occasion on he / she sits the examination.


Note :  Any damage or defacement or modification of Passport, National Identity Card, Driving License, Admission Card (including photograph) and the SLMC Registration Card will result in the candidate being disallowed to sit the examination and the incident subsequently subjected to an enquiry and due punishment given if found to be guilty.


On admission to the hall, a candidate should occupy the allotted seat/place and should not change it except on the specific instructions of the supervisor.


It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to sign the attendance sheet at the examination hall on each occasion before leaving the examination venue. Failure to do so would be considered as not having sat the examination.


No candidate shall be admitted to the examination hall for any reason whatsoever after 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination. A candidate will not be allowed to leave the hall until 30 minutes has lapsed from commencement of the examination or during the last 5 minutes of the paper.


Candidates shall bring their own pens, ink, erasers, pencils or any other equipment and stationery which the candidates have been instructed to bring for the written papers. A stethoscope, knee hammer, torch, pins, cotton wool and any other necessary equipment should be brought for the clinical examination. The candidate should wear a white overcoat for the clinical examination.


Examination stationery, i.e writing paper, answer papers etc. would be supplied as and when necessary. No sheet of paper or answer book supplied to a candidate may be torn, crumpled, folded or otherwise mutilated. No other paper shall be used for answering by the candidate. Any materials supplied including question papers, whether used or unused, should be handed over to invigilators and should not be removed from the examination hall.


Every candidate shall enter his/her Index number on the answer sheets and the question papers. A candidate who writes on his/her answer sheet an Index Number other than his/her own is liable to be considered as having attempted to cheat. A script that bears no Index Number or one that is not legible will be rejected. No candidate shall write his/her name or any other identifying mark on the answer script.


Candidates are under the authority of the supervisor/coordinator/examiners and shall assist them by carrying out instructions as well as those of the invigilators and other supporting staff, during the examination and immediately before and after it. Candidates shall stop work promptly when ordered to do so by the supervisor/examiner/ invigilator.


Every candidate shall hand over the answer scripts personally to the invigilator or remain in his/her seat until it is collected. On no account shall a candidate hand over the answer script to an attendant, a minor employee or any other candidate


No candidate shall have on his/her person or on any document listed above, any notes, signs or formulae. Except for stationery such as pencils, pens erasers, identity documents, Index number cards and Admission cards, no other paper or envelopes should be kept with the candidate. No candidate shall have on his/her person, with him/her or anywhere near him/her any material such as books, notes parcels, handbags or any electronic communication equipment such as cellular phones, note pads etc. If a candidate has brought any of the above they shall not be permitted into the examination venue.


A candidate should not communicate in any form with another candidate or any other person other than an invigilator or a supervisor during the examination.


No candidate should copy or attempt to copy from any book, paper notes or similar material or from the scripts of or by communication with another candidate. A candidate shall not help another candidate or obtain help from another person. No candidate should conduct himself/herself negligently so as to provide an opportunity to assist any other candidate.


Every candidate shall conduct himself/herself in the examination hall and precincts so as not to cause disturbance or inconvenience to the supervisors/examiners or other staff and to other candidates. A candidate is liable to be evicted from the examination hall for disorderly conduct.


Absolute silence shall be maintained in the examination hall and its precincts. A candidate is not permitted for any reason whatsoever to communicate or have any dealings with any person other than the supervisor/examiner/invigilator. The attention of the supervisor/examiner/ invigilator could be drawn by raising a hand.


During the course of answering a paper, viva voce examination or examining a patient, no candidate shall be permitted to leave the examination hall even temporarily. In the case of an emergency, the supervisor/examiner/invigilator will grant permission to do so but the candidate will be under surveillance.


No person shall impersonate a candidate, nor shall any candidate allow himself/herself to be impersonated by another person.


No candidate shall obtain or attempt to obtain by any means prior knowledge of questions/clinical cases/examination material or names of examiners. All examination centres are out-of-bounds for a specified period before and during the examination.


Serious notice will be taken of any dishonest assistance given to a candidate, by any person aiding, abetting or copying at the examination.


If circumstances arise, which in the opinion of the supervisor/examiner/invigilator requires cancellation or postponement of the examination; he shall stop the examination, collect the scripts already written and then report the matter as soon as possible to the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).


The supervisor/examiner is empowered to require any candidate to make a statement in writing on any matter which may have arisen during the course of the examination, and such statement shall be signed by the candidate.


The results of the examination announced by the SLMC will be final and no complaints or representations will be entertained regarding the results, except re-scrutiny of the papers of ERPM Parts A and D, which is officially permitted.


Complaint(s) regarding the conduct of the ERPM examination should be sent in double envelopes to the Registrar by registered post before the release of the results. The outer envelope should be addressed to the Registrar SLMC, 31 Norris Canal Road, Colombo 10. The inner envelope should contain the sealed letter of complaint stating “ERPM Complaint” and dated. The complaint would be kept securely and acted upon in due course by an Appeals Board. Such complaint(s) shall be in writing and state precisely the grounds for such appeal(s). Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.





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