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FMGE June 2021 Exam Day Procedures:

  • New protocol FMGE June 2021:
    • Social Distanced – Computer Based Test (SD-CBT): safe and secure environment using touch-free processes in the wake of changing scenario of COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The entry of Candidates as per Time Slots given in the Admit Cards: Candidates are required to report at the ‘Reporting Counter’ of test venue at as per time indicated in their admit cards to avoid crowding at the test venue entry (The reporting counter will close 30 minutes prior to the test start time).
    • Use of Thermo Guns: All candidates will be checked at the entry point for fever with the thermo guns. In case, any candidate is observed to be having above-normal temperature (> 99.14 Degree F) or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 infection, he/she will be allowed to take the examination in a separate isolation lab.
    • Finger Biometrics of candidates shall NOT be captured: read the section below.
    • Barcode/QR Code Reader at Entry Points: read the section below.
    • Candidates will be permitted to carry certain items with them to the examination lab (Please read the admit card carefully for items permitted to carry inside the examination centres):
      1. Face Mask
      2. Gloves
      3. Personal Transparent water bottle (The practice of water dispenser shall be discontinued in SD CBT; Bottled water shall be made available to all candidates)
      4. Personal hand sanitizer in a transparent bottle (50ml)
      5. Exam related documents (Admit card, ID Card etc)
    • Frisking (Body pat as well as HHMD) will not be done while social distancing is in effect.
    • Face ID shall be verification: read the section below.

FMGE Exam Centers 2021 Security protocol, Identity verification, and biometric information collection:

  • Candidates at the test center shall undergo some procedures as per the security protocol and biometric information shall be captured to ensure that only genuine and bonafide candidates appear for the exam.
    • Barcode/QR Code Reader at Entry Points: The candidate will flash the admit card and ID proof for verification to the exam functionary standing across the table with a barcode/QR code
      reader. The candidate shall be informed about the assigned lab number. At no time will the exam functionary touch any document of the candidate.
    • Identity verification: made upon arrival at the test center to ensure that there are no unauthorized candidates appearing for the exam (cooperate with the security checks)
      • Face ID shall be verification: at the time of registration for the test and at each bio-break and at the time of exit of the candidate,
    • Left/Right thumbprints of all the candidates will be captured to avoid any cases of impersonation (candidates should cooperate)
    • Photograph and signature of the candidates: shall also be captured on the exam day at the center.
      • Finger Biometrics of candidates shall NOT be captured: at the time of registration for the test at the test venue in SD-CBT.
      • Manual Attendance with signature and Ink fingerprint shall not be done in SD-CBT.
  • Escort & check-in: Candidates will be escorted to the designated computer terminal at the test center and an Invigilator will check in the candidate after verification of ID and capture of biometrics.
  • Duration of keeping the IDs: Candidates should keep their admit card and photo identification at all times during the conduct of the examination.
  • Specifics of the workstation: each workstation will be blocked from three sides (front, left, and right).
  • Directions:
    1. Candidates are required to listen to the invigilator’s instructions to begin the exam.
    2. The candidate may raise his or her hand to notify Invigilator for any issues during the exam.
    3. Registered candidates will get to retake the exam again within the testing/examination window in case of any disruption.
    4. Candidates are advised not to look around at other candidates (surveillance cameras are around)
    5. Any suspicious or disruptive behavior: on the part of the candidate may lead to the cancellation of candidature.

Technical disruption during the test & solution:

  • Rest assured that a registered candidate will get complete allocated examination time.
CaseDescription of failureStandard actions taken
1Disruption happens (like Power Failure) during the exam time after the candidates have logged in No action necessary.

The timer will stop when the failure occurs and will resume when the failure is rectified.

There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to disruption/failure.

2Candidate’s machine is locked during the exam.(like Loss of connectivity with the Primary Server).IT Manager in each exam room verifies and unlocks the candidate’s account and the timer starts from the same point where the candidate had left.

There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to this locking.

3Candidate complains of any specific issues in the machine (like screen flickering, mouse issue, system getting locked/ hanged repeatedly, etc).On reporting of the issue, the IT Manager/Invigilator verifies and locks the candidate machine.

The candidate is shifted from their allotted seat to buffer seat in the same or other labs during the examination.

There will be no time loss in allocated examination time due to this shifting

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