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FMGE December 2020 recall/FMGE recall 2020

  • All the MCQs posted here are sorted out from the pool of FMGE recall questions of FMGE aspirants through the meticulous effort of Dr.AestheticS@PKT.
  • We shall dissect out the complete paper in-depth to provide the “FMGE December 2020 analysis” with the prediction FMGE 2021 pattern once we acquire all 300 MCQs.
  • NB: Please let us know If you find any mistakes or clerical errors in FMGE recall questions!


1.Nerve involved in the given condition

232df860b15b406882950e7b55f7a3c9 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Dorsal Scapular Nerve

b) Long thoracic Nerve

c) Suprascapular Nerve

d) Subscapular Nerve

2. Nerve involved in injury to medial epicondyle of Humerus.

a) Axillary nerve

b) Ulnar nerve

c) Median nerve

d) Radial nerve

3.Muscle attached to the arrow marked structure.

65c2922a0dfc4f0a982f0193c0a927a5 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Gluteus maximus

b) Gluteus medius

c) Gluteus minimus

d) Iliopsoas

4. Indentify the arrow marked joint in the given image

9d9b5c32391c484cb6d244ab4bdc2d92 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Syndesmosis

b) Primary Cartilaginous joint

c) Secondary Cartilaginous Joint

d) Synchondrosis

5.Identify the arrow marked tarsal bone in the given image

d22670314ecb459cb2e4b5d02eb58ea4 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Cuboid

b) Talus

c) Navicular

d) dj Cuneiform

6. Nerve involved in the difficulty in eversion of foot and loss of sensation in dorsal aspect of foot is

a) Deep peroneal nerve

b) Superficial peroneal nerve

c) Sural nerve

d) Saphenous nerve

7. Structure marked in the image will end in…

b01e70fdf1ff49cab51d0d0aeec3a11e FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Junction of Left jugular vein and subclavian vein

b) Brachiocephalic vein

c) Superior vena cava

d) Subclavian vein

8. Tendon marked ‘X’ in the given image is.

a) Flexor digitorum superficialis

b) Flexor digitorum profundus

c) Flexor carpi radialis

d) Flexor carpi ulnaris

9.Tingling sensation and paresthesia on medial side of hand. Which structure most likely be affected?

f05f5dbd80c4436dad6b77634e962014 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) A

b) B

c) C

d) D


11.Which of the following enzyme is deficient in Von Gierke’s Disease ?

a) Glucose 6 phosphatase

b) Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase

c) Acid maltase

d) Glycogen phosphorylase

12.Nitrogenous waste from the body is excreted in the form of

a) Urea

b) Glutamine

c) Uric acid

d) Nitric oxide

13.Complex 1V is inhibited by

a) Cyanide

b) Rotenone

c) Oligomycin

d) Malonate

14.vitamin deficiency shown in the photograph .

a618bfa47f424924827cd5514daa0f4b FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Niacin

b) Biotin

c) Riboflavin

d) Ascorbic acid

15. A 40 year old man presented with black pigmentations of pinna and sclera of eyes. The color of urine changes to black on long standing . What is the diagnosis ?

a) Phenylketonuria

b) Alkaptonuria

c) Maple syrup urine disease

d) Hartnup’s disease

16. Which of the following is not a micromineral ?

a) Selenium

b) Iodine

c) Calcium

d) Copper


17.Murugadoss brought a RTA case for autopsy. There you noted Stiff neck, stiff upper and lower limbs , Primary relaxation was absent .This is suggestive of –

a)  Rigor Mortis

b)  Cadaveric spasm

c)  Heat stiffness

d) Cold stiffness

18..Which of the following produces catecholamine storm as seen with scorpion sting?

a) Spider

b) Tick

c) Sea urchin

d) Ciguatera

19.The toxin extracted from the poisonous plant shown in the image is?

0a16a8fec34b48da98a4ab848b08469a FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Conine

b) Hyoscine

c) Thebaine

d) Tetrahydrocannabinol

20.Sethu as playing cricket with his childhood friends, one of his friend hit the ball hardly and sethu tried to catch the ball but the ball hits his head and he fainted. After some time he regained consciousness and fainted again. This phenomenon is mostly associated with?

a) EDH

b) SDH

c) SAH

d) Intracerebral hemorrhage

21..Mr.Velu 35 year old male with big stomach ,got agitated , fainted and lost consciousness at airport. A bag full of enema & laxative was recovered from him . During treatment X-Ray abdomen showed as picture as shown . All of the following are true in this scenario except?

979a343e42004b7392196c2ad96a8246 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Abdominal scar is indicated

b) The person is malingering

c) He is at risk of poisoning

d) It’s a case of body packer syndrome

22.Monday morning at 5 am you went to park for doing regular exercise ,Unfortunately you found a dead fetus  in a water canal . The crown heel length was found to be 25 cm . Distinct fingernails visible with minimum hair growth. Approximate age of fetus is ?

a) 3 months

b) 5 months

c) 7 months

d) 9 months

23. Gender assessment in a 12 year old child is best done by?

a) Skull

b) Femur

c) Hip bone

d) Mandible

24. IPC section is related to doctor s medical negligence?

a) 300

b) 302

c) 304-A

d) 304-B

25. 28 years old married female after 4 years of marriage died & one note was from her mentioning that she was tortured for dowry, In this case, Inquest will be done by?

a) Police

b) Village headman

c) Magistrate

d) Judge

26. 27year old female faked her pregnancy & presented a real child to blackmail a guy who is her neighbour,they were in illegal relationship , Which is correct about this case?

a) Suppositious child

b) Spurious

c) Superfecundation

d) Superfetation

27. Patrol police found a  person was  dead in bushes with tied arms. Cyanosis of nails noted with scratches over face,neck and chin. All of the following are correct in this case except?

a) Case of homicide

b) Asphyxia

c) Case of suicide

d) Smothering

28..Ragvan an IPS police officer was suspect a crime ,and he found the Stains over clothes when examined showed yellow color needle shape crystals. Examined stain is of ?

a) Sputum

b) Semen

c) Blood

d) CSF

29.Madavan brought a gunshot case for an autopsy shows an entry wound with inverted margins & surrounded by tattoining ,burning,and singeing of hairs is not noted,what do you thing the range of firearm weapon in this case?

a) Contact

b) Near

c) Distant

d) 3 meter


30. The cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is.

a)  HSV

b) EBV

c)  HZV

d)  Parainfluenza virus

31 . A patient with RTA presented with Nasal discharge as shown in the image below. How do u call this sign?

a7eb874f1ece46e8a53c70e6c4a8b66c FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Schwartz sign

b) Brown sign

c) Halo sign

32. True about BERA.

a) Invasive test

b) Used for SNHL

c) Used for conductive pathology

d) Is a subjective test

33.Atrophic rhinitis treatment is?

a) young’s operation

b) Nasal steroid spray



34. Cause of decreased bone conduction on audiogram

a) Fixation of foot plate of stapes

b) EAC pathology

c) Cochlear pathology

d) Ossicular pathology

35. Laryngeal crepitus is seen in all except ?

a) Laryngitis

b) It is present normally in every individual

c) Post cricoid carcinoma

d) CA larynx

36.A presented with bilateral neck swelling , temporoparietal neuralgia and unilateral hearing loss. The diagnosis

a) Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

b)  Juvenile Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

c)  Hypopharyngeal carcinoma

d)  Laryngeal carcinoma

37.A child presented with a high arched palate and mouth breathing and failure to thrive . The probable diagnosis is

A) Tonsil hypertrophy

B) Adenoid hypertrophy

C)  Lingual tonsil hypertrophy

38.A infant presented with inspiratory stridor, the clinical picture is shown below . The diagnosis is

34f9d787ef7c41c0933df2bb85482662 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Acute epiglottis

b) RLN palsy

c) SLN palsy

d) Laryngomalacia

39.A patient presented with of the pulsation of tonsil. The cause is .

a) Aneurysm of the common carotid .

b) Aneurysm of the external carotid

c) Carotid body tumour

d) Internal carotid artery aneurysm/aberrant /medialized.

40.What is the causative agent of CROUP ?

a)  H. influenzae

b) Parainfluenza

c)  Streptococcus pneumonia

d)  Rhinovirus

41. find out the image shown below

e575364486c6436a85a626b53da2fe2d FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Hollman Miller sign

b) Water’s view

c) C.cadwell sign

d) basal view

42. Identify the image below.

0fdc483b61ac4e639ad32f72801abbc1 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) cottles manoeuvre

b) maxillary sinsus

c) Valsalva maneuver

d) Semont-Liberatory maneuvers

43. condition shown in image.

950434c83c8646c1bb2e9f7d0db2ce02 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) a.Rhinosporidiosis

b) Rhinophyma

c) Rhinolith

d) Rhinoscleroma


44.Owl eye inclusions are seen in?

0a93da212fc44da58639fe739a07535c FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) HSV

b) HHV

c) EBV

d) CMV

45.The image below shows origin from which of the following cells ?

07ba24c7d65e47688de59f70d79abb90 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) B Cell

b) CD4 T Cell

c) NK cell

d) CD8 T cell

46. Identify the organism stained by India ink dye and shown below?

9900fdf5a4144691b15554bffdfc50ae FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Cryptococcus neoformans

b) Chlamydia

c) Histoplasma

d) Aspergillus

47. 56 year old diabetic patient has chronic renal failure and is undergoing hemodialysis. Which of the following amyloid is most likely to get deposited ?

a) AA

b) Abeta

c) Abeta 2

d) ACal

48. Identify the eggs as shown in image below ?

e32f9406e2794680a3d558d2849b8c74 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Trichuris trichuira

b) Enterobius vermicularis

c) Ankylostoma

d) Ascaris

49.50 year old man presented with gum bleeding . Peripheral smear shows marked leucocytosis with 70 % cells showing MPO positivity. Diagnosis?

a) AML

b) CML

c) CML

d) CLL

50. 83 year old man shows presence of a perinuclear pigment in the cardiac muscle fibres . What is the nature of the pigment ?

9bd1a634b41848cfa262e78d87ccacc0 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Hemosiderin

b) Lipofuschin

c) Melanin

d) Iron

51. Which of the following disease shows you deposition of PrP?

a) CJD

b) Rabies

c) Parkinson’s disease

d) Alzheimer’s disease

52. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is associated with which of the following viruses ?

a) HPV

b) HHV

c) EBV

d) HSV

53. Patient with history of travel to OHIO shows the following culture smears characteristics with lactophenol cotton blue staining?

f256de51a9d7408b9fe3090cd91c3350 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Coccidiodomycosis

b) Histoplasmosis

c) Blastomycosis

d) Cryptococcosis

54. Which of the following is a high level disinfectant?

a) Glutaraldehyde

b) Alcohol

c) Lysol

d) Phenol

55. 55 year old patient presented with difficulty in breathing and rashes after ingestion of a sea food . He has shown similar reaction in the past following consumption of same food item. Which of the following hypersensitivity reaction do you relate this with?

a) Type 1

b) Type 2

c) Type 3

d) TYPE 4

56. Identify the organism based on the peripheral smear finding given below?

39463ff7519d4b0eacb49cecf7878238 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Babesia

b) Plasmodium vivax

c) Plasmodium falciparum

d) Plasmodium ovale

57. Based on the given peripheral smear finding . Which of the following is most likely diagnosis?

882be98a4ad4450a8a4338ab0e26ceba FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) IDA

b) Thalassemia major

c) Myelofibrosis

d) Myelodysplastic syndrome

58. 25 year old male patient presented with diarrhea with blood, on investigation of stool sample, the organism was gram negative, non lactose fermentor, non motile, oxidase negative, H2S negative . Diagnosis?

a) E.coli

b) Shigella

c) Salmonella

d) Stap.aureus

59. 10 year old child with jaundice and diarrhea reported to hospital and within same period of time ,many children from the same school presented with same symptoms. Which of the following is most probable finding ?

a) IgM Antibody hepatitis A

b) IgG Antibody hepatitis A

c) IgM Antibody hepatitis B

d) IgG Antibody hepatitis B

60. Nurse got a needle prick injury from HIV positive patient. What should be done at earliest ?


b) Blood culture

c) Western blot

d) p24 assay

61. Fungal hyphae with acute angle branching and septate hyphae . Identification?

a) Aspergillus

b) Mucor

c) Histoplasma

d) Sporothrix

62. Vector for zika virus ?

a) Aedes aegypti

b)  Culex

c)  Anopheles

d)  louse

63.Most Radiosensitive  tumor?

a) Seminoma

b) Ewing ‘s sarcoma

c) Gaint cell tumor

d) Chondrosarcoma



64.A women with secondary amenorrhea with history of curettage for abortion. FSH 7miu/ml. what is your likely diagnosis?

a) Pituitary failure

b) Ovarian failure

c) Uterine synechiae

d) pregnancy

65. A women after hysterectomy shown with distended abdomen. What is the electrolyte imbalance seen in her ?

a) Hyperkalemia

b) Hypokalemia

c) Hypernatremia

d) Hyponatremia

66.23 year old lady presents with complain of post coital bleeding. On per speculum examination the following is seen, it bleeds on touch .

a) Cervical fibroid

b) Cervical polyp

c) Cervical carcinoma

d) Hemorrhagic cyst

67.Patient presents at 11 weeks POG with mild spotting per vaginum. On USG only gestational sac is seen without fetal node. Uterus size is normal. Diagnosis?

a) Missed abortion

b) Threatened abortion

c) Inevitable abortion

d) Incomplete abortion

68. 40 cc fetal material was detected on USG , planned for evacuation but the catheter goes deep into the uterus without resistance. What should be your next step?

a)  Continue the procedure

b)  Wait and watch

c)  Give Mifepristone and misoprostol

d .Immediate laparoscopy to be done

69. True conjugate is ?

a) Lower border of pubic symphysis to sacral promontory

b) Upper border of pubic symphysis to sacral promontory

c) Posterior border of pubic symphysis to sacral promontory

d) Anterior border of pubic symphysis to sacral promontory

70. Identify the given manuever ?

6b9988ad54554e0daeca58cc349bc23f FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Leopold 1

b) Leopold 2

c) Leopold 3

d) Leopold 4

71. 30 year female came for regular check-up found with 6cm x 6cm ovarian cyst. What is your next step in the management?

a)  CA-125 followup

b) Laprotomy and ovariectomy

c)  Laproscopic Ovariectomy

d)  Combined OCP and follow up

72. A patient underwent OGTT at 27 weeks of Gestation. Her fasting blood glucose was 130 mg/dl and at 2 hour , blood glucose was 200mg/dl. AFI=14 . What is your next step in the management ?

a) Start insulin and check at 34 weeks

b) Admit her and start insulin

c) Repeat OGTT

d) Start insulin and monthly checkup

73. Most dependent part in a sitting female ?

a) Pouch of douglous

b) Paracolic gutter

c) Hepatorenal pouch

d) Messenteric sinus

74. In a retroverted uterus , a mass is present in lower uterine cavity . Palpated through posterior fornix . Patient is nulliparous & infertile. Tenderness is present in posterior fornix . Diagnosis?

a) Adenomyosis

b) Endometriosis

c) Fibroid uterus

d) Ca uterus

75.A patient is in labour, on per vaginal examination cervix is 5 cm dilated and fully effaced. She is in which stage of labour?

a) Latent phase of first stage

b) Active phase of first stage

c) Transition to second stage

d) Second stage

76. identify the findings shown in the image.

54c7c88aed2a4dcb8f95d3a4b353393f FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Hydatiform mole


c) C.Molar pregnancy

d) None of the above

77. Identify the findings shown in the image.

09df80092cc544269fedbd1031877310 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Hydatiform mole


c) C.Molar pregnancy

d) None of the above

78.22 year old female asking for an emergency contraception within 8 hours of sexal assault and she is on 13 th day of the cycle.What is the suitable  emergency contraception for her

a) Levonorgestrel tablet single dose 1.5gm


c) Misoprostol

d) OCP from day 1 st of next cycle

79. identify the findings shown in the image.

a2075970991642a7a1185ac1e0ca7145 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Monochorionic /Monoamniotic

b) Monochorionic /Diamniotic

c) Dichorionic / Diamniotic

d) Dichorionic /Monoamniotic


80.55 year old Patient  underwent renal surgery,  during recovery you have noticed that the patient

was shouting and having hallucinations Which anaesthetic drug was used?

a) Ketamine

b) Halothane

c) Etomidate

d) D Midazolam

81. 36 years old female patient having unilateral headache, associated with nausea and vomiting Which drug can be used to decrease this headache episodes?

a) Propranolol

b) B Alprazolam

c) Fluoxetine

d) Haloperidol

82.which of the following is the Selective estrogen receptor modulator

a) Tamoxifen

b) Rituximab

c) Letrozole

d) albandazole

83. 23 year old college going girl had a intercourse with her boyfriend on her day 13 th of menstrual cycle  ,she came to your hospital  and seeks  opinion ,What is  suitable emergency  contraception ?

a) OC Pills from next cycle


c) Levonorgesterol tablet 1.5 gm

d) Misoprostol

84.Post marketing surveillance starts after which phase of drug trail ?

a) Phase  1

b) Phase 2

c) Phase 3

d) Phase 4

85.which monoclonal antibody is used in cancer treatment?

a) Omalizumab

b) Denosumab

c) Rituximab

d) Methotrexate

86.  61 years old Patient visited your hospital before with BPH ,you prescribe prazosin, after few days he came again with  low BP. So what is your plan of action now?

a) Terazosin

b) Doxazosin .

c) Tamsulosin

d) Alfuzosin

87., A 14 year old child presented with proteinuria 4+, no hematuria  Drug  preferred  in  this  case  would be?

a) Prednisolone

b) Cyclosporin

c) Cyclophosphamide

d) Azathioprine

88. Patient presented with 6 episodes  of depression mania & hypomania in last 1 year with recovery

phase in between. What is the probable diagnosis?

a) Cyclothymia

b) Rapid cycling bipolar disorder

c) Borderline personality disorder

d) Emotional unstability

89.Mr.X brought  his 13 years old child to your clinic saying that his child is having difficulty in studies, cannot concentrate on things.and in investigation you got the IQ level of 55 ,which category he belongs to ?

a) Borderline MR

b) Dull intelligence

c) Mild MR

d) Moderate MR

90. 35 year old unmarried patient has a long term history of  waking up in night and thinking that his family going to meet with an accident Probable diagnosis is?

a) Adjustment disorder

b) Generalised anxiety disorder

c) OCD

d) D. Panic disorder

91.what is your best treatment of choice for this condition.

ace948cf95f74edf9d629f7117227d6d FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Valacyclovir

b) Ganciclovir

c) Tenofovir

d) Mupirocin


92.ASHA covers a population of.

a) 1000

b) 2000

c) 5000

d) 3000

93.Zika virus is transmitted by.

a) Culex

b) Aedes aegypti

c) Louse

d) D.Anopheles

94.You  are posted in PHC assisting work of newly joined ANM who is carrying vaccines,vials,tiffen box in her hand.From which of the following you will judge her knowledge of biomedical waste management ?

a) Food ite is put in White transparent box

b) Dispose where you want

c) Syringe with needle put in white bad

d) Vaccine wrapper /stripper of vial is put in blue bag

95.Statistical test of significance will be used to measure blood pressure in a group of patients before and after treatment.

a) Paired test

b) Unpaired test

c) Chisquare test

d) Fisher test

96.which of the following is absolute contraindication of given contraceptive image

7cb82baaf10c4b5d9d41d100d59e954f FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) PID

b) Anemia

c) History of PID since last pregnancy

d) Hypertension

97.Positive predictive value is a function of sensitivity,specificity and?

a) Prevalence

b) Incidence

c) Accuracy

d) Negative predicitive value

7.identify the image.

e0df159a08104d439cf656b20dd94a9a FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a. Suraksha clinic

b.Red cross

c.Doctors logo

d.All of the above

98.Which contraceptive is avoided when a female comes after 6 weeks of pregnancy for postnatal checkup.she wants to continue breast feeding.which contraceptive is contraindicated

a) Minipill

b) Combined OCP



99. Children of seperated parents are most addicted to drugs as compared to childre with normal parents.a study reported that chances of addiction among separated parents is higher as compared to non separated parents.this study is called

a) Case control study

b) cohort study

c) RTC

d) D.Retrospective study

100.which of the following is RABIES free country.

a) Sikkim

b) Punjab

c) Kashmir

d) Andaman & Nicobar island

101.In a subcenter population,crude birth rate (CBR) is 25.What is the minimum expected number of pregnancy.

a) 45

b) 125

c) 138

d) 110

102.sample registration system includes all EXCEPT.

a) Death rate

b) Birth rate

c) MMR

d) IMR

103.Who is responsible for conducting active malaria surveillance

a) Multipurpose worker female

b) ANM


d) Male  Multipurpose worker

105.Which organization is responsible for conducting maximum surveys in india




d) D.both a and b


106.27 year old patient presented with complaints of arthralgia, rough feeling of strain in eyes and difficulty to swallow food . Laboratory results shows ANA positive, Anti-Ro positive and Rheumatoid factor positive . What is your likely diagnosis?

a) SLE

b) Sjogren’s syndrome

c) Rheumatoid arthritis

d) Juvenile Arthritis

107.Patient with previous history of MI 3 years back, now presented with tachypnea , tachycardia and S3 heard on examination. What is your diagnosis?

a) Myocardial infarction

b) Pericarditis

c) Congestive heart failure

d) pulmonary embolism

108.70 year old diabetic woman is on medication . Which of the following is a macrovascular complication in diabetic patients ?

a) Myocardial infarction

b) Diabetic neuropathy

c) Diabetic nephropathy

d) Diabetic retinopathy

109.Based on the given image. What’s your diagnosis?

95c8f15e358148ca88651bebd731dc51 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Hypercholestrolemia

b)  Hypertriglyceridemia

c)  Hyperalphaproteinemia

d)  Hyperbetaproteinemia

110. Identify no. B(2) in the given image?

bc5a09f16f1f4e3b8998308c38c63328 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Opening of aortic valve

b) Opening of mitral valve

c) Closing of aortic valve

d) Closing of mitral valve

111.12 year old child presented with proteinurea 4+ without hematuria, which drug would you prefer ?

a) Prednisolone

b) Cyclophosphamide

c) Cyclosporine

d) Dexamethasone

112. A patient presented with complaints discomfort on performing activities while he is normal at rest. Normal activites of the patient are slightly affected . Patient belongs to which NYHA Class?

a) NYHA Class 1

b) NYHA Class 2

c) NYHA Class 3

d) NYHA Class 4

113. Identify the type of Murmur?

24227f2fa3a146ab8893ea721e39852d FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Ejection systolic murmur

b) Pan systolic murmur

c) Early diastolic murmur

d) Mid diastolic murmur

114. Identify the findings below.

027885d272094af58a8dcdd6ea0f6b24 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Clubbing

b) Pallor

c) Cyanosis

d) Koilonychia

115. A young male , CSF findings are elevated protein, leucocytes, marked lympocytosis and CSF glucose is 18 mg/dl. Diagnosis?

a) Tubercular meningitis

b) Viral meningitis

c) Pyogenic meningitis

d) Fungal menignitis

116. Based on given ECG findings. Identify ?

bdcbdde52b484343a33c72e40819cfa1 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Atrial fibrillation

b) Atrial flutter

c) C.Ventricular fibrillation

d) D. Ventricular tachycardia

117. Immediate management of give condition ?

1b9d938995e14e538ae7fb7ce2090dd0 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Wrapping the chest tightly

b) Left sided thoracostomy

c) Right sided thoracostomy

d) Needle insertion and drainage on right side

18. Diagnosis?

6d0268e02fec4ed3b70ba6bbdf3b9be9 FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Constrictive pericarditis

b) Cardiac tamponade

c) Pleural effusion

d) Dilated cardiomyopathy

119.32 year old female after hysterectomy shown distended abdomen ,what will be the electrolyte imbalance seen in her

a) Hyponatremia

b) Hypokalemia

c) hypernatremia

d) hyperkalaemia

120.46 year old female come to your OPD, On examination you find Purple striae, distant abdomen ,hirsutism ,red rounder face ,what will be your diagnosis?

a) Addisons disease

b) Cusing syndrome

c) Diabetic nephropathy

d) None of the above

121.identify the condition shown below

ca354ec720e541149cb80500e47cdc1b FMGE December 2020 recall Set-1

a) Prayer sign

b) Phalen test

c) Tineal test

d) none of the above

122.Protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease

a) Tau protein in intra cellular accumulation

b) amyloid beta 2 in extra cellular accumulation

c) Tau protein in extra  cellular accumulation

d) both a and b


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