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What is FOMO Syndrome in FMGE preparation?

  • “Fear of missing out syndrome”: FMGE aspirants perceive that they are missing out on some fundamentally important resources needed to crack the exams compared to others (only in the academic context).
  • The term “Fear of missing out syndrome” was coined by Dr. Dan Herman, a marketing strategist in 1996,
  • This is quite an opposite condition to “Illusion of competency” & can negatively affect your self-esteem.
  • Vicious cycle: beware that the “fear of missing out syndrome” will trap you to use multiple & unfamiliar materials to prepare that can increase confusion & delay in preparation eventually leading to anxiety & loss of confidence that all turn in to a vicious cycle.
  • Complications:
    1. Decrease your confidence in FMGE.
    2. Decrease your self-esteem.
    3. Increase your anxiety in FMGE.
    4. Increase your procrastination during FMGE preparation.

How to overcome the FOMO syndrome FMGE preparation?

    • Change your mindset & focus: The foremost thing that you have to do is change your mindset to be optimistic to focus on what you have than what you lack for the FMGE preparation.
    • Strategize a complete study plan: You should always remember “Goal without a plan is a dream”, many students have many ideas of study plans but they are either unachievable or unrealistic therefore you need to strategize a complete plan with the following:
      1. Choice of study aids for the FMGE: live classes or video lectures or study materials per subject.
      2. Choice of a question bank for the FMGE preparation: MCQs books or webs or apps with the question bank.
      3. Plan to be implemented: Specific tasks/goals with priorities, deadlines & time management for reading, test practice & revisions per
    • Seek out for the genuine expert opinions: You might be in a dilemma after viewing the number of classes. books, apps & webs that bombard the market with the information, therefore, you will have to reach out for some genuine expert opinions without bias. Beware of coaching centers, agents & student ambassadors who can allure & tricks you to buy their sources, therefore, go for the genuine expert opinions.
      1. Source of the study aids & question bank of the FMGE: all the materials available won’t fit your learning styles thus do not follow all the suggestions of others about the “Best materials”, therefore, be a good listener, analyze & choose by yourself. 
      2. Pareto’s paradox of 80/20: Make sure you are working on the right 20% of materials which is the key to success than wasting on the low yield 80%.
    • Reconsider your strategy & sources:
      1. Practice exam scores are > 50%: then follow your plan & work on your materials more attentively to score a minimum of 75% in the tests.
      2. Practice exam scores are < 50%: then you need to consider to adjust your strategy or change your source of reading/question bank.
    • Progress monitor in the FMGE preparation:
      1. Keep a journal to track down your progress & analyze your level of competency.
      2. The best way to diagnose your competency (strengths and weaknesses) is by taking practice exams (topic/Chapter/subject wise tests) after an initial reading & revision of a subject within 2 weeks’ time.
      3. Keep tracking your progress & analyzing your level of competency to keep your scores above 75% until you complete the FMGE.

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