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How to Approach NEET Exam 2021? Why do we have to practice NEET-UG tests?

  • Diagnose your competence (strengths and weaknesses): after an initial reading of a subject take practice exams → to cope up with the Illusions of Competence.
  • To maximize your learning.
  • To practice time management.
  • To increase the confidence level.
  • To desensitize the exam anxiety.

Structure of NEET MCQ (Single Best Choice):

  • Stem: Body of the question which contains statements & directions +/- images  or data or qualifying words
    • Direction: This is the part of the stem which identifies the question or problem to be answered.
    • Qualifying words: that helps to narrow down the choices
Types of the Stem:
Positive Stem MCQ
  • The stem consists of either a partial statement,  a  direct question, or a single word.
Negative Stem MCQ
  • The stem consists of either a partial statement, a direct question with qualifying negative words, such as “except,” “least  likely,” and “will not exhibit.”
  • Alternatives or Options: 4 choices arranged in alphabetical order.
    • 1 appropriate / Best choice:  a key that is the appropriate/best option pertinent to the question.
    • 3 of Distractors: plausible keys but inappropriate/less appropriate options pertinent to the question.
    • Test writers like to put their best distractors in the first or second position, to catch the unsuspecting, hasty examinee (Judging types take heed)
    • Fancy-sounding false answers are inserted into examinations to test your ability to resist seductively complex distractions

Structure of NEET MCQ type of MCQ for NEET How to approach the NEET-UG exam? NEET, NEET 2020, NEET 2020 Preparation

How to Approach NEET Exam

How to approach the NEET-UG exam? (Applicable to the real exam & practice)

  • Challenge of an exam with a positive attitude and to sustain that attitude throughout the examination process.
  • Every question counts: do not skip any MCQs & mark all because there is no negative marking.
  • Time Use at practice: Adhere to an organized study schedule from 2 pm to 6 pm daily.

The exam pacing:

  1. Answer each question in 50 seconds (Time yourself to strictly adhere to a 50-seconds-a-question regimen→ during the exam, keep the same pace you have practiced).
  2. Reading the question:
    • Underline the key terms to focus your attention on the specific issue(s) being questioned when reading the questions.
    • Make marginal notes on the question sheet if that helps you to clarify your thinking.
    • Qualifying words: Be careful in your interpretation of critical qualifying words such as many, some, none, always, sometimes, never, more, less, best, and least. These words give specific meanings to the question content.
  3. Marking the OMR: neet omr sheet How to approach the NEET-UG exam? NEET, NEET 2020, NEET 2020 Preparation
    • Cross-check that the answer space number corresponds to the question number & Be certain to fill in the block correctly.
    • Make certain your answer marks fully fill the answer space and do not make stray marks on the answer sheet. (optical scanning equipment might misread these marks as answers).
  4. Difficult MCQs: Mark the difficult MCQs & allot time, in the end, to go back to rethink difficult items while setting your pace (Do all of the easy questions first & return to the more difficult ones for reconsideration.
  5. Keep moving and don’t break your concentration & Do not stop to look up answers after each question. 
  6. Answer questions in clusters of 5 or 10 as a minimum (Never attempt to Solve all questions in one go).
  7. Check your answers only after you have completed a timed group of questions.
  8. Look at the clock after answering 30 questions (you should have used about 28 min).
  9. Resist the urge to leave as soon as you have completed all the items & make sure you have answered all the 180 questions.

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