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What is Confidence?

  • Confidence: belief in one self’s ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed and acting in a way that conveys that belief.
  • Reasons for the lack of confidence during the FMGE preparation:
    • Inadequate preparation.
    • Unsystematic preparation.

How to Boost Your Confidence in FMGE?

  • Positive thinking during the FMGE preparation: a very powerful way of improving confidence. You need to be positive about your preparation to fuel you to be motivated and active.

Positive Attitude for the Success in FMGE ↓

  • Planning and Preparation of FMGE: important keys to confidence are planning and preparation by anticipating the unknown increases the confidence & be equipped to avoid procrastination.

Make a SMART study plan for the FMGE ↓

  • Learning and Training during the FMGE preparation: Learning and training increase the ability to handle situations (smart study, revision & FMGE MCQ tests practice).

Practicing MCQs is the Key to Success in FMG ↓

  • Discussing with others and following their lead: Find yourself a confidence role-model.
  • Experience: Practice similar tasks again & again increase (revision & tests practice).
  • Be Assertive: standing up for what you believe in and sticking to your principles.
  • Visualize your success in FMGE: One of the key psychological methods to keep you motivated, confident & also desensitizes you to manage your stress.
  • Physical & mental health during the FMGE preparation: your productivity depends on your health, therefore, take care of your health, eat a healthy balanced diet & exercise regularly.

Factors needed to build confidence during the FMGE preparation:

    • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Know the exam format.
    • Know the concept of subjects.
    • Know how to integrate the material.
    • know how to solve problems.
    • Know to manage the time.

Grab the Best Qbank for the FMGE 2020 ↓

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