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Important Notice

Before filling the application form, check your eligibility level.
Ensure your mobile number & email ID.

How to Fill the FMGE December 2021

Application Form? The sequence observed while filling the online FMGE application form:

  1. Fill the registration form for obtaining a User ID and Password.
  2. User ID and Password will be sent through SMS and Email ID specified.
  3. Fill the application form and Upload your photograph & signature.
  4. Choose your Test City.
  5. Submit the fee.
  6. Upload your prescribed essential documents.
  7. Take a print out of the filled Application form with a Transaction ID printed on it​.

Important things to cross-check before start FMGE December 2021 registration:

  • Eligibility: check your eligibility for the FMGE as per the NBE website.
  • Email id/mobile number: ensure you have a valid email id and mobile number.
  • Mandatory fields: boxes marked with “*” (asterisk) symbol are mandatory.
  • Keep the following ready for filling the form:
    1. All Personal details
    2. Recent passport size photograph (size < 80kb in JPEG format with dimensions of 3.4 x 4.5 cm)
    3. Scanned Signature (size < 80kb in JPEG format with dimensions of 3.5 x 1.5 cm)
    4. Scanned thumb impression (size < 80 Kb size in JPEG format with dimensions of 3.5 x 1.5 cm)
    5. MBBS Provisional/Passing Degree Certificate (English Version) attested by the Embassy/ Apostilled (size <400 Kb size in PDF format)
    6. Eligibility Certificate issued by MCI (If applicable) (size <400 Kb size in PDF format)
    7. Valid Passport of the applicant (Front Page & Last Page – Personal except those who have obtained their Primary Qualification from Nepal) (size <400 Kb size in PDF format)
    8. Copy of ID Proof (PAN Card /Voter ID /Passport /Driving License/Aadhar Card)
    9. Equivalence Certificate from Association of Indian Universities (for candidates who have done 10+2 abroad)
    10. Internship Details (if applicable)

The sequence of filling the FMGE  December  2021 application form:

  1. Personal details (Name of the candidate, date of birth, gender, nationality, mobile number, email ID & test city)
  2. Educational qualification details and SMC/MCI registration details (11th & 12th mark sheet)
  3. Upload scanned images: your Photograph, signature, thumb impression as per the NBE guidelines and prescribed documents (size, kb, jpeg/jpg format)

Step 1: Registration to get a User ID

On creating a profile, aspirants will receive a User ID and Password on your registered email ID and mobile number. By using these details, you can login as a registered applicant to fill the application form.  Once the form is submitted, then you will be allowed to edit the details in the application form.

  • Click the web page: https://nbe.edu.in
  • Then click on the Exam Name “FMGE” then you will be directed to FMGE December  2021 page
  • Then click on `New Registration’: you will be directed to the registration form page
  • Enter the required information: entries in the registration form cannot be changed once submitted, hence, ensure that you enter the required information as below correctly.
    1. Name of Candidate: This should be the same as on valid government id proof (The candidate shall be required to produce his/her Govt issued ID proof bearing the same name at the test center on the test day to seek entry).
    2. Date of Birth: Use the calendar icon to select the correct date.
    3. Gender: Enter your gender (Male/Female/Transgender)
    4. Nationality: Please enter your country of citizenship.
      1. Should indicate whether he/she is an NRI or No.
      2. Citizen of India (OCI): Choose OCI after selecting the country of your citizenship.
      3. Citizens of any country other than India or Nepal and not an OCI are NOT eligible to apply for FMGE.
    5. Mobile Number: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password as an SMS on this number only.
    6. Email Address: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password on this email address only (Same
      email ID can not be used for registration of any other user concurrently).
    7. Captcha: The Captcha box is a special set of characters displayed on the screen. You will need to retype the characters in the box provided (Safety feature designed to ensure that a human is entering the details and not a computer).
      • Click on ‘Get a new image’ to refresh the letters, if you have trouble reading the characters.
  • Submission: by selecting the ‘Submit’ button’, you are committing to be honest and fair in all your actions and information provided in the Registration Form.

Confirmation of Registration:

  • Within minutes of submitting the Registration Form, you will receive a User ID and password on the registered email address from the Administrator (Ensure that you check your mailbox immediately and that it is not considered as spam mail).
  • You will also receive the User ID and Password as an SMS on the registered mobile number. (Note SMS will not be sent to international numbers).
  • Using these credentials, you may proceed to complete your application.

Important directions for filling the FMGE  December 2021 Application Form:

  1. Read the Note on the pop-up page of the form before you begin filling in the information.
  2. You need to fill the section-wise application form.
  3. Fill the mandatory details in a section (you will not be allowed to navigate to the next section when mandatory information is not filled or the required documents are not uploaded)
  4. Move to the next section by clicking on Save and Next.
  5. To navigate back to the previous section: you can click on the name of the previous section tab.
  6. Click on the Submit button once you have completed the last section
  7. You will be re-directed to make the payment.
  8. Once payment is done, your application is considered complete.
  9. Please do not send the hard copy of the application to NBE.

Step 2: Fill FMGE  December  2021 Application Form & upload the required documents.

  • Applicant login: registered Users Click on `Applicant login’ to access the Application form with the User ID and password received on your email and mobile number.
    • If the Login password is lost: it can be retrieved by clicking “Forgot Your Password”
  • Go to Application Form’ Click on the ‘Go to Application Form’ button and please read the important instruction carefully.
  • Important Notice:
    • The application submission process can be completed either in a single sitting or in multiple sittings, as per the candidate’s choice.
    • Candidates are advised not to complete & submit their online application in haste so as to avoid any errors in providing information.
    • All the Candidates are required to submit their scanned documents: Even those who have appeared in FMGE in the past and have submitted their scanned documents to NBE on an earlier occasion are also required to submit their scanned documents as detailed above while applying for FMGE December  2021 session.
    • Candidates who fail to submit duly completed applications with requisite documents and/or fail to rectify the deficiencies in their applications by the last date prescribed for rectification: shall be declared ineligible. Admit Card shall not be issued to candidates who are declared ineligible. In such cases, the entire fees will be forfeited.

The FMGE  December 2021 Application Form in Step-2 consists of the following three sections:

Personal Details
  1. Candidate’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Mobile Number, and Email address will be automatically populated based on the information provided at the time of registering your profile.
  2. Father’s Name and Mother’s Name needed to be filled.
  3. Identification Details: Passport, OCI card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License & Voter’s ID (Please select one of the details from the dropdown and enter its related details).
  4. Marks of Identification.
  5. Enter Your Communication Address: This will be used for future communication and allocating a test center in the state where your address is located.
    • You pick the State as “others” while choosing the Test Center Details if you want the test center to be chosen in another state.
Once this section is complete, click on Save and Next to proceed to the next section.
Qualification Details  A. Enter the 10+2/equivalent exam details, Subject, and Percentages (In you have studied only 4 subjects, please enter Subject 5 as NA and marks as 01)

B. MBBS/Primary Medical Qualification details (Enter the following details)

  1. University name/Name of college (World Directory of Medical Schools available at www.wdoms.org)
  2. Country of completion of MBBS (In case of others, please enter country details)
  3. State of Completion (It is others in case Country is others)
  4. City of completion
  5. Month and year of passing

C. Roll Number of the Last FMGE taken: Please mention the roll number of the latest FMGE taken.

D. Eligibility Certificate (EC): You shall be asked to provide the status of issuance of EC to you by MCI (If applicable).

E. Documents to be uploaded (documents beyond desired size limits will not be accepted therefore  open your document image in MS Paint & adjust the resolution)

  1. Recent passport size photograph (size < 80kb in JPEG format with dimensions of 3.4 x 4.5 cm)
  2. Scanned Signature (size < 80kb in JPEG format with dimensions of 6 x 3 cm)
  3. Scanned thumb impression (size < 80 Kb size in JPEG format)
  4. Primary Medical Qualification Degree certificate/Provisional Pass Certificate (English Version) attested by the Embassy/ Apostiled (size <  400 Kb size  in PDF format)
    1.  Issuance of Degree Certificate of Primary Medical Qualification must be on or before the prescribed cut-off date ( 31st October 2021).
  5. Eligibility Certificate issued by MCI, If applicable (size <  400 Kb size in PDF format).
    1. Upload EC issued by MCI.
    2. Upload a copy of admission letter: If you took admission during the period when obtaining EC from MCI was not
      required/ was exempted by the Govt of India, you shall be required to
      upload a copy of the admission letter categorically confirming the exact
      date of admission to the primary medical qualification in place of EC.
  6. Proof of Citizenship:
    1. Valid Passport of the applicant: FrontPage & Last Page – Personal except those who have obtained their Primary Qualification from Nepal (size <  400 Kb size  in PDF format)
    2. OCI Card + Valid Passport of the country of Citizenship (FrontPage and
      Last Page of a valid passport)
    3. Other ID Proof: One of the Govt of India Issued Photo ID such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License
  7. Equivalence Certificate: From Association of Indian Universities (for candidates who have done 10+2 abroad)
  8. Internship Details (if applicable)

Once this section is complete, click on Save and Next to proceed to the next section.

Once the Documents are uploaded, Please choose the testing city.

Test Center Details 
  1. Select the State in which you wish to appear in the test.
  2. Please choose a test city (Cities in that particular state will be shown automatically)
  3. In case the testing seat is not available in the state in which you prefer to appear for the exam: you can choose the option OTHERS from the list of States at the time of selection of the state during online submission of the application form.
  4. The Exact testing venue shall be informed to the candidates through the admit card.
  • Read the declaration and fill the Captcha.
  • Preview: Before submitting, the candidate must check whether he has filled all the details correctly by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.
  • Click on “I Agree” checkbox to complete the application form.
  • On clicking submit, the candidate will be re-directed to the payment gateway to make the payment

Submission of Fee for FMGE December 2021 registration :

The applicable test fee will be displayed on the payment gateway page.

  1. Candidate needs to select the mode of Payment: Net Banking/Card Payment.
  2. Until the payment is successful, the candidate will not be registered for the test.
  3. Please download the Application PDF post-payment for any future communication.
  4. Testing the city will be confirmed only after the successful payment of the fee.

Edit Window:

  1. Candidates who have successfully submitted their applications during the Application Submission window shall only be allowed to edit their applications from  8th November 2021 to 10th
    November 2021.
  2. No new application can be registered during the edit window.
  3. All editable fields in the application form shall be open for the
    candidate to make any corrections if so required.
  4. The following fields of the application form are “noneditable”:
    1. Name of the Candidate
    2. Email ID
    3. Nationality
    4. Test City
  5. Final Edit Window to rectify Deficient Images (Photograph, Signatures & Thumb Impression): 24th November 2021 to 26th November 2021.
  6. Online Deficient Document Submission Portal: The deficiency, if any, in the document(s) uploaded by the candidates in application form (such as EC, Passport, Proof of Passing, etc) shall be communicated through an Online Deficient Document Submission Portal.
  7. The Online Deficient Document Submission Portal can be accessed through the following weblink: http://exam.natboard.edu.in/fmge.php
  8. Last Date for Submission of Deficient Documents (Proof of possessing Primary Medical Qualification, Eligibility Certificate/Admission Letter & Identity Proof of Citizenship): latest by 30th November 2021.

NB: Candidates who fail to submit duly completed applications with requisite documents and/or fail to rectify the deficiencies in their applications by the last date prescribed for rectification shall be declared ineligible.


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