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Do not stop until the FMGE is over!

  • Keep in mind that your exam preparation is equivalent to a runner preparing for a marathon race, therefore, you have to keep the focus on FMGE throughout the preparation not to let your body and mind slack off until the entire FMGE is over.

Focus vs Attention:

  • Focus: the act of concentrating your interest or activity on something.
  • Attention/concentration: how we actively process specific information in our environment & Attention is a basic part of the cognitive system.

Key points about attention:

    • Attention is limited in terms of both capacity and duration. Key variables that impact are how interested we are & how many distracters we experience (multitasking seldom works well according to the research published in 2018)
    • Attention is selective on a specific item in our environment by filtering out an enormous number of other.

How to Stay Focused During FMGE Preparation (DMA’s formula of FOCUS)?

  • F = Find your ambiance (comfortable & soothing for you without any distractions).

Customize your study space ↓

  • O= Organize (Schedule your tasks like reading/revision/practice tests & prioritize what to be completed within the time frame).

Construct a SMART study plan ↓

  • C = Cut off your procrastinations (It’s very important to escape from procrastinations like chitchats & Netflix, don forget time is the precious resource now).

Manage the Procrastination ↓

  • U = Undo your negative thinking (Think only positive, avoid Naysayers & Negative talkers. You can’t manage to waste your energy with negative thoughts during this time).

Positive Attitude for the Success ↓

  • S = Sustain your persistence by Monitoring your progress & adapting to improve the deficiencies (participate completely without slacking off until you crack the FMGE).

9 mantras of success of FMGE Toppers ↓

Grab the best app for FMGE:

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