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Overview of AMC Exam registration/assessment pathways

  • International medical graduates (IMGs) whose medical qualifications are from a medical institution outside of Australia or New Zealand, and who are seeking registration to practice medicine in Australia, must provide evidence of eligibility to undertake one of the following assessment pathways:
    1. Standard Pathway
    2. Competent Authority Pathway
    3. Specialist Pathway
  • The process of assessment associated with the pathways assesses the knowledge and clinical skills of IMGs seeking to qualify for general or specialist registration in Australia.
  • This section provides important information for IMGs with basic medical qualifications and/or specialist qualifications who want to find out about the assessment pathways, including eligibility requirements, application processes, documentation requirements and methods of assessment.
  • The brief descriptions that follow are preliminary guides to assist you to determine which pathways you are most likely to be eligible to apply for, and how to apply. Where relevant, links to more detailed information is provided.
  • To help you clarify which pathway may be relevant to you, an initial self-assessment check is provided as a guide.
  • Self-check to determine which pathway to take

Standard Pathway

  • The Standard Pathway is for IMGs seeking general registration with the Board.
    • You need to have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognized by the AMC to be eligible to apply to the AMC for assessment under this pathway.
  • The AMC assesses IMGs under the Standard Pathway as following:
    • Assessment is through the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and the AMC Clinical Examination or Workplace based assessment of clinical skills and knowledge by an AMC-accredited authority.
    • On successful completion of the assessment requirements of either of the alternatives described above, you will be issued with the AMC Certificate.
    • The AMC has no role in processing applications for registration or in granting registration, which is a function of the Board, the registration authority of Australia.
    • Learn more about the Standard Pathway.

Competent Authority Pathway

  • The Competent Authority Pathway is intended for overseas-trained non-specialists, but it is also available to specialists, including general practitioners.
    • It is a pathway to general registration and does not result directly in recognition or registration as a specialist in Australia.
  • IMGs who have completed the requirements of a Board-designated Competent Authority can apply to the Board for assessment under this pathway.
  • If you wish to be assessed through the Competent Authority Pathway, you should apply directly to the Board.
  • Learn more about the Competent Authority Pathway.

Specialist Pathway

  • The Specialist Pathway is for applicants in one of the following categories:
    • overseas-trained specialists applying for assessment of comparability to the standard of a specialist trained in that specialty in Australia (specialist recognition)
    • overseas-trained specialists applying for an area of need position in Australia (area of need)
    • overseas-trained specialists or specialists-in-training wishing to undertake a short period of specialist or advanced training in Australia (short-term training).
  • IMGs who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery from a training institution awarded by a training institution recognised by the AMC, and who have satisfied all the training and examination requirements to practice in their field of specialty in their country of training can apply for assessment under this pathway (specialist recognition or area of need).
  • Learn more about the Specialist Pathway.

AMC exam Eligibility

  • Self-check for pathway eligibility
  • Use this self-check as a guide for determining the assessment pathway for which you may be eligible.

image293 Overview of AMC Examimage308 Overview of AMC Examimage294 Overview of AMC Exam

image319 Overview of AMC Exam
image295 Overview of AMC Exam
image319 Copy Overview of AMC Exam
image297 Overview of AMC Exam
image319 Copy Overview of AMC Exam                                                         image316 Overview of AMC Exam
image296 Overview of AMC Examimage298 Overview of AMC Exam
image320 Overview of AMC Exam                 image319 Overview of AMC Exam    image317 Copy Overview of AMC Exam                            image320 Copy Overview of AMC Exam
image299 Overview of AMC Examimage300 Overview of AMC Examimage301 Overview of AMC Exam
image319 Overview of AMC Exam             image320 Copy Overview of AMC Exam                image318 Copy Overview of AMC Exam            image311 Overview of AMC Exam               image317 Overview of AMC Exam

image302 Overview of AMC Exam image305 Overview of AMC Exam image304 Overview of AMC Examimage303 Overview of AMC Examimage306 Overview of AMC Exam

Self-check of eligible schools

English language proficiency

  • The Medical Board of Australia requires international medical graduates to provide proof of English language proficiency for all registration categories unless it has granted an exemption.
    • Therefore, all applicants are advised to make arrangements to obtain that proof before they apply under any of the assessment pathways.
  • English language proficiency is a requirement of the Medical Board of Australia, not of the AMC. Therefore, the Medical Board is the body responsible for granting exemptions from its requirement.
  • The Medical Board of Australia’s English language proficiency requirements, including its conditions for granting exemptions, are set out in detail in its English Language Skills Registration Standard available on its website.

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