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PLAB Part 1 results

  • When & how do you get your results?
    • Your results will be available six weeks after you take the exam.
    • The board will send you an email to access your results in the ‘My Tests’ section of GMC Online.
    • The board can’t give results over the phone, by fax or in person.
  • Understanding your results: the board group the skill areas under three main headings or ‘domains’.
    1. Applying knowledge and experience to clinical practice
    2. Good clinical care: assessment
    3. Good clinical care: management
    • Each correct answer is worth one mark and the total number of correct answers will be your score.
    • The board will tell you your total score, the score required to pass the exam, and the average score for all candidates.
    • The board will also tell you the percentage of the questions you answered correctly in each of the three domains.
  • How dos the board set the pass mark?
    • The board sets the pass mark for each test using the internationally recognized Angoff method and includes one standard error of measurement.
    • By doing this, the board makes sure the level at which the board set the pass mark is consistent over time. It reflects what the board expects of a doctor entering their second year of Foundation Programme training.
    • After each test a team of experts reviews the question paper in light of how candidates have performed, to make sure all the questions and answers are fair. Candidates are at all stages of their career and there is no expected pass rate or average score.
    • The board may change our standard-setting procedures from time to time without notice.

PLAB 1 pass rate for last five years

YearNumber of candidates who sat PLAB 1Number of candidates who passed PLAB 1 Percentage of candidates who passed PLAB 1
2014 2,494 1,567 63%
2015 2,719 1,870 69%
2016 3,361 2,413 72%
2017  5,411 4,089 76%
2018 7,559 5,239 69%

What do you do after you pass?

  • If you pass PLAB 1: you can immediately apply to take PLAB 2 using GMC Online.
    • The available PLAB 2 test dates can be seen in GMC Online once you have your PLAB 1 results.
    • You can’t apply for PLAB 2 before the results have been issued.
    • You must pass PLAB 2 within two years of the date you passed PLAB 1.

What do you do if you fail?

  • If you fail PLAB 1: you can book to take the exam again provided you still meet all the requirements.

How do you arrange for your results to be checked?

  • You can email the board if you want your results checked or write to the board at Manchester offices address within 28 days of receiving your results.
  • You will need to pay the current clerical check fee shown below:
    • Request for clerical check of results for the PLAB test: £46 until 31 March 2020, £47 from 1 April 2020.
  • See information on how you can pay this fee. the board aims to respond within ten working days of receiving your request.
  • A clerical check of your results does not mean your examination will be remarked and you will not get any additional feedback on your performance. It’s a check to make sure that your marks have been transcribed correctly.

When can you apply for an additional attempt?

  • To be eligible for an additional attempt for either PLAB part1 or part 2 (after your fourth attempt): there must be at least 12 months between your fourth attempt and requesting an additional attempt.
    • You should undertake further learning to improve your medical knowledge and clinical skills.
    • You must have completed either 12 months’ clinical practice or a postgraduate qualification.

What is expected from your clinical practice?

  • A minimum of 12 months’ full-time clinical practice (or equivalent part-time basis), with direct patient care.
    • Supported by structured reports from senior doctors responsible for your work, to show satisfactory completion.
    • Completed in the two years before requesting an additional attempt to demonstrate that you are keeping your knowledge and skill up to date.
    • Undertaken in an institution that meets the standards for regulation within its jurisdiction, and the board must be able to verify this.
    • Honorary posts and those involving observation, such as clinical attachments, shadowing, observerships, and clerkships are not acceptable.

How to apply for an additional attempt after your clinical practice?

  • Download the structured report form and ask the senior doctor(s) who provided oversight during your clinical practice to fully complete it on your behalf.
  • Please note :
    • Each post must be at least two months in duration.
    • The referee must provide a work email address.
  • Board will not accept:
    • Reports completed by a relative or someone that you have a personal, business or financial interest with
    • Reports not completed in full or where a work email address isn’t provided.
  • Complete the application form and return to the board at plab@gmc-uk.org or by post to the Clinical Assessment Centre at our Manchester office.

What is expected from your postgraduate qualification?

  • It should be a clinical subject where a primary medical qualification or other degree is required for entry.
    • To be completed over at least one academic year (or equivalent part-time basis).
    • To be accompanied by a certificate from the awarding institution. Honorary qualifications are not acceptable.
    • Completed in the two years before requesting an additional attempt to demonstrate that you are keeping your knowledge and skill up to date.
    • Undertaken in an institution that meets the standards for regulation within its jurisdiction, and the board must be able to verify this.

How to apply for an additional attempt after your postgraduate qualification?

  • Complete the application form and return it to the board along with the evidence listed below to plab@gmc-uk.org or by post to the Clinical Assessment Centre at our Manchester office.
  • Evidence required :
    • A copy of your certificate from the awarding institution.
    • A copy of the course curriculum.

When can you appeal your result?

  • An appeal is a request for a review of a decision, made by the board about your performance in an exam.
  • If you have attempted any part of the exam you have a right of appeal against the result if:
    • there is clear evidence of irregularity in the conduct of the exam (including administrative error), which has adversely affected your performance
    • there were exceptional circumstances, (for which clear documentary evidence must be provided), which adversely affected your performance. You are advised to submit details of any such circumstances as soon as possible after the examination (usually within three working days) and not wait until after you receive your results.
  • The board will not accept an appeal for other reasons, such as:
    • you consider that your efforts were under-marked
    • you did not understand or was unaware of the exam procedures
    • you seek to question the exercise of professional or academic judgement.
  • If you want to appeal the result of the exam: you must have clear evidence of procedural irregularity which has adversely affected your performance.

How do you appeal your result?

  • You must contact the Board within ten working days of the release of the results, by email or by writing to the board at our Manchester offices address.
    • Any appeal submitted after this period must include an explanation and evidence as to why you could not submit it sooner and the appeal will only be accepted at our discretion.

What if you have a complaint, not an appeal?

  • If you want to raise an issue about any aspect of the exam, that is outside of the appeals procedure, you can make a complaint.
    • You can do this by emailing the board at plab@gmc-uk.org within 28 days of the exam.
    • The board may reclassify appeals to complaints or vice-versa at any stage in proceedings, in consultation with you.

How will you find out about the decision?

  • The board will email you within five working days of making our decision.

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