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  • A positive attitude is a key to your confidence which will have a great impact on your FMGE preparation & direct you to achieve your goal but avoid negative attitude will drain your energy.

Psychological techniques that teach you How to Cultivate a Positive Attitude for the Success in FMGE:

  • Develop Positive thinking during FMGE Preparation (Avoid negative thinking): learn to care for yourself & whenever negative thoughts pop up you need to push yourself to switch them into positive ones that shall help you to stay focus and decrease the stress to aid in your preparation.
  • Defy your negative thoughts (Convert your negative talk to positive ones): 
Negative talks Positive talks
“Difficult subjects & topics” “Challenging subjects & topics”
“I should have studied more” “I am prepared enough to crack this test”
“I’m stupid” “I am smart enough to do well”
“I flunked in the previous exam” “One bad test result does not mean that you can’t improve in the future”
  • Avoid Naysayers & Negative talkers: you can’t manage to waste your energy with negative thoughts during this crucial time & try to be around the positive people who can motivate you to achieve your dream + guide you whenever you feel depressed or pessimistic.
  • Kill your pessimism & be Optimistic: you need to be optimistic about your preparation to fuel you to be motivated and active.
  • Fortify yourself with positive self-talk: Say your name with the word “Doctor” in front of it  & know that you are on the life path that will lead you to your professional goal.
  • Trust in your work & believe in your success:  If you work through each subject day by day, and step by step, you will know enough to pass your exams.
  • Introject inspiring people: Watch & listen or read about inspiring people & Introject their positive & successful exercise into you to keep you to be motivated and active.
  • Avoid procrastination: Procrastination is a vicious cycle with cyclic periods of feeling guilty, negative & miserable therefore be equipped to avoid procrastination to be away from negative thinking.

Manage the Procrastination ↓

  • Manage your stress: the presentation of the stress can be manifested as Social derogation, Cognitive obstruction & Affective (tenseness). Negative thoughts & associated physical symptoms might be the manifestation of the stress itself. Therefore you should take all measured to manage your stress with various means.

How to manage FMGE Exam Stress ↓

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