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Why Practicing MCQs is the Key to Success in FMGE?

  • Knowing the theory is not enough because the key to success in FMGE depends on the FMGE aspirants’ ability to implement the knowledge & choose the correct option within the given “Time frame”, therefore, Time management at the realtime FMGE or FMGE MCQ practice is an essential skill to be groomed during the FMGE preparation.
  • 5 Skills that determine the successful approach to the FMGE MCQ:
    1. Comprehension of the question
    2. Analysis of the question
    3. Recalling the necessary information
    4. Reasoning while choosing the answer
    5. Time management
  • Practice makes the man perfect: FMGE aspirant should keep practicing all the above-mentioned skills that will groom the “Test-taking” to be fluid & smooth to increase the accuracy & confidence while attempting the MCQs.

Practice tests (FMGE MCQ practice) regularly aids in the following:

    1. Diagnose your competence (strengths and weaknesses): after an initial reading of a subject, take practice exams to cope up with the Illusion of Competence (you will not be able to know how much you have learned during the FMGE preparation without practicing).
    2. To maximize your efficiency of FMGE preparation: According to the 70/20/10 model of learning and development by Lombardo and Eichinger, 10% is learned from coursework and training like classes, 20% from developmental relationships like discussion & 70% from challenging assignments like attempting the tests.
    3. To practice time management (speed) in FMGE.
    4. To improve accuracy & increase the confidence level in FMGE.
    5. To desensitize the exam anxiety (increase the familiarity with the online platform) in FMGE.

The best MCQ solving Techniques for FMGE

What all tests to be practiced for FMGE:

    1. Chapter-wise tests: Read each chapter → revise the chapter → do the chapter-wise tests → analyze the performance → fill up the deficiency.
    2. Subject-wise practice tests: Complete chapter-wise work up  → revise the complete subject → do the subject-wise tests → analyze the performance → fill up the deficiency.
    3. Module wise tests: Chunk the subjects in modules → Complete subject-wise work up  → revise the complete module → do the module-wise tests → analyze the performance → fill up the deficiency.
    4. Previous years (FMGE MCQs + NBE MCQs) Question Papers: must practice on a regular basis (Read more about the Reasons to practice past papers).
    5. Attempt FMGE mock tests regularly to boost your confidence level, sharpen accuracy & aid in time management.
      • The optimal number of mocks/week: 2 full-length FMGE mocks/week will be Optimal however a minimum of 1 full-length FMGE mocks/week will be required.
      • What to start practicing the mocks? Start practicing mock exams as early as possible otherwise at least 6-8 weeks before your exam.

Grab the best app for the FMGE Question Bank ↓

DMA’s Special Method to Analyze the test Performance?

  • Tests help you discover your strengths & weaknesses therefore they reveal what you need to review.
  • Use the wrong answers as diagnostic guides:
    1. Why it is you missed a particular question? (Wrong answers are opportunities for increased learning).
    2. Appreciate your strengths, and identify your weaknesses so you can fill the gaps in your knowledge,
18 categories for feedback
A. General:
  1. I did not know the facts
  2. I simply did not study long enough.
  3. I couldn’t remember them or I had difficulty with simple recall.
  4. The vocabulary was a problem.
  5. I did not finish in the time allotted and had to do some wild guessing at the end.

B. Analyzing the stem:

  1. I read part of the question stem and took the rest for granted.
  2. I failed to consider the qualifying words such as except, least likely, mostly, always.
  3. I read too much into the question, got bogged down, and missed the main point.
  4. I had difficulty with details.
  5. I failed to recognize relationships of concepts (Function, Structure, and MOA) or I had difficulty with concepts.
  6. I failed to recognize compare/contrast data.
  7. I failed to recognize clinical implications.
  8. I did not think through the logic of the question.

C. Analyzing & choosing the option:

  1. I did not read all of the options carefully
  2. I chose the first one that sounded right.
  3. I did not work through the process of elimination in selecting the best answer.
  4. I changed the answer & my first response was correct.
  5. I changed the answer 2 times & my second response was correct.
  • Feedback: reasons for each wrong answer or question you missed?
    1. Identify the primary factors for your error in the questions you missed or marked wrong.
    2. Label each incorrect item with the corresponding number of the 18 categories listed below.
    3. Tally each factor in the chart at the bottom of the page.
    4. Write your strategies for avoiding the same mistakes next time.

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