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How to Prepare for FMGE While Studying in Russia?

  • Russia & Post-Soviet Countries follow the MD curriculum/Syllabus with very number of variations between the countries (Read More about the MCI syllabus)
  • The duration of the MD course in Russia is 6 years, therefore, the students are advised to start FMGE Preparation as early as possible.

Why do students start to Prepare Late for FMGE?

Plan 1: FMGE preparation during the semesters

  1. 3th-4th sem(weekends): BAP+ chapter/subject wise exams
  2. 5th-6th sem(weekends): PMP+ chapter/subject wise exams
  3. 7th-8th sem(Weekends): FM/Radio/Derm/Anes/IM/Surgery + chapter/subject wise exams
  4. 9th-10th sem(Weekends): Oph/ENT/OBS/IM/Surgery + chapter/subject wise exams
  5. 11th-12th sem(Weekends): Sur/Gynecology/Psy/IM/Peds/PSM-2+ chapter/subject wise exams

Plan 2: FMGE preparation during the semester holidays

  1. End of 4th sem(Holidays): BAP+ chapter/subject wise exams
  2. End of 6th sem(Holidays): PMP+ chapter/subject wise exams
  3. End of 8th sem(Holidays): FM/Radio/Derm/Anes/IM/Surgery + chapter/subject wise exams
  4. End of 10th sem(Holidays): Oph/ENT/OBS/IM/Surgery + chapter/subject wise exams
  5. End of 12th sem (Holidays): Sur/Gynecology/Psy/IM/Peds/PSM-2+ chapter/subject wise exams

Materials to be used for the FMGE Preparation:

Daily schedule for the FMGE Preparation:

What to do? Hours/day
A. Read the subject wise materials (3R: Read & Recall) 6-9 hours
B. Tests ( tests including chapter + subject wise & past papers) 4 hours
C. Review (3 R) of subject wise materials 2  hour
  • NB: We highly recommend to practice the tests in your computers/laptops

Make a SMART study plan ↓

Important tips when Prepare for FMGE While Studying abroad:

  1. Can we skip our Standard textbooks & prepare only from FMGE/NEET books?
    • Short reviews are not a replacement for textbooks. Textbooks are the sources to acquire sound knowledge in each subject which is essential for your survival. Read the recommended textbooks attentively to clear the basics to advance concepts.

Grab the Best App for the FMGE Preparation ↓

  1. When to start FMGE preparation?
    • Sooner the better. We are suggesting the study plans per country.
  2. How to incorporate FMGE preparation within the routine university schedule?
    • You can choose to prepare for the FMGE during the semester (weekends) or each holiday.
    • You need to choose the appropriate NBE-centric study materials to prepare for FMGE (DMA’s Talentmed & Librarius publications) during the slots of FMGE preparation.

Challenge & Solutions ↓

  1. How to incorporate MCQ practice into your preparation?
    • When you complete the chapters you need to practice MCQ (Past papers & practice tests) during the FMGE preparation.
    • MCQs practice will increase your efficiency, confidence, accuracy & decrease your test anxiety.

Practicing MCQs is the Key to Success in FMGE ↓



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