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Reasons for the Low FMGE Pass Percentage & Solutions:

There are 7 key reasons for the low FMGE Pass Percentage from the student’s aspect that can be easily solved with an expert consult. We are providing the reasons & DMA’s quick solution to end the Dilemma of FMGE aspirants to guide them in the correct path to success.

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Reasons DMA’s solutions
1.Curriculum gap (Lacuna of knowledge):
  • The current MBBS/MD curriculum abroad is competent enough to fit international standards.
  • The primary goal of any > 80% of the Indian foreign medical graduate is to register themselves as legal practitioners India.
  • Curricula of most of the foreign medical universities are not structured to aid in the FMGE India (Except few countries like Bangladesh & Nepal).
  • Curriculum gap: missing parts of the curriculum that are high yield for various FMGEs (such as PSM & legal medicine).
2.Lack of updated materials to acquire sound knowledge:
  • Most of the students do not read textbooks to acquire sound knowledge (There is no substitute for the textbooks that provide you a wider range of comprehension & knowledge).
  • Misuse of teaching aids as study aids such as PPTs (Narrow range of comprehension & knowledge).
  • Use of short reviews as the replacement textbooks (Narrow range of comprehension & knowledge).


3.Lack of strategy in learning & revision for the FMGE preparation:
  • No experts to help in sorting out the learning strategies.
  • No guidance to regulate the studies.
  • No encouragement /discouragement by seniors.
4.Lack of time management including start to prepare late for FMGE:
  • Procrastination.
  • No guidance on time management.
  • No encouragement /discouragement by seniors.
  • Start to prepare for FMGE late.
5.Lack of test practice & self-assessment:
  • No distributed learning & practice (only bulk learning).
  • No appropriate self-assessment to scrutinize the efficiency.
6.Insufficient guidance & minimal exposure to the international type of exams/FMGE:
  • Lack of insight into the FMGE.
  • Lack of guidance on the FMGE.
  • Lack of practice of FMGE type of exams.
7. Exam stress + escape behavior:
  • Global psychological phenomenon.
  • Complication: Escape or avoidance behaviors are used to reduce episodic anxiety, but this perpetuates the disorder.

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