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What are the reasons to practice FMGE past papers?

  • FMGE past papers help to know the patterns & trend changes in the FMGE MCQs or FMGE questionnaire: No matter what subject you are studying, this year’s exam will share certain patterns and probably appear in a similar format to last year’s. This gives you invaluable information about what to expect and what to prepare. for the upcoming FMGE.


Change of the FMGE MCQ pattern

Before 2012



Simple Recall/Fact-based
  • 90%
  • 75%
  • 60%
Problem Solving/Conceptual
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 0%
  • 5%
  • 10% (< 5 % by 2019 Dec)

Analysis of the Pattern Change in FMGE December 2019

  Paper A Part B
  • Pre & Para-clinical subjects + Psychiatry,  Dermatology & few from PSM
  • Clinical  subjects (Many Cases from OBGYN) & PSM
Pattern of MCQs
  • Fact >>>  Conceptual MCQs
  • Fact-based > Conceptual (Case-based MCQs relatively increased)
  • About 2
  • About 3
Difficulty level
  • Comparatively easier for most of the FMGs
  • Comparatively  difficult for most of the FMGs
Time management
  • Relatively easier to manage
  • Relatively difficult to manage due to increased # of Case-based MCQs

FMGE MCQ Pattern & distribution ↓

  • FMGE past papers help to anticipate the Chapters, topics & MCQs in the upcoming FMGE question paper: 10-20% of the questions repeat directly or indirectly aw modified form/twisted concept. Therefore practicing past papers give you an added edge to score easier.

High Yield Subjects and Chapters for the FMGE 2022 ↓

  • FMGE past papers help to Identify your weaknesses: you can assess what topics you can answer questions on easily and which present more of a challenge as you go through a past paper in order to customize your revision to focus on your weaknesses rather than going over your strengths again.

Practicing MCQs is the Key to Success in FMGE ↓

  • FMGE past papers help to Practice your timing: Past papers can train you to manage the time is perhaps the most important skill.

The Best Time Management Tips for FMGE MCQs ↓

  • Simulate the appropriate stress: The most demanding part of actually sitting an exam is dealing with the stress of the day & past paper practice recreate the process as close to the actual exam which shall help you to cope up with the stress.

Practicing MCQs is the Key to Success in FMGE ↓

  • FMGE past papers help to Learn how to handle the exam software.

The Best MCQ solving Techniques for FMGE ↓

How to Use FMGE Past Papers Effectively:

  • Stick to the time limit, not checking your notes, and marking yourself strictly.
  • It can be tempting to go easy on yourself but this won’t give you the full benefits that you could be getting from this style of revision.

The Best App for FMGE/NBE Past Papers Practice ↓

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