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  • Reasons Why Aspirants fail to clear FMGE? Why the passing percentage is very less in the FMGE? Why Are Indian Doctors Failing FMGE/MCI screening test? are some of the common questions that pop up in many QA platforms & forums for FMGE.
  • The social media & QA platforms are bombarded with biased answers for this very question by the Proxys of the universities & consultants who have their own agenda leading to chaos among the Foreign medical graduates whom to believe? & what guidelines to be followed?
  • It’s wise to emphasize that there are >20 active FMGE coaching institutes in India & abroad & >65% of FMGE aspirants joined any of the coaching institutes at least 1 time however even with multiple attempts of the aspirants the average FMGE pass percentage is below 25%, Alarms us to analyze the reasons of the low FMGE pass percentage with a different viewpoint.
  • Usually, the reason for not qualifying for the MCI screening test is analyzed superficially, however, a careful approach is necessary to dissect this issue from 3 angles (Students’ angle, University’s angle & Coaching center’s angle) in order to provide the solutions for the FMGE aspirants to succeed in FMGE.

A. Reasons Why Aspirants fail to clear FMGE: Student’s Angle

Undergraduate preparation related FMGE preparation related
1. Lack of updated materials to acquire sound knowledge (Lacuna of knowledge):
  • Most of the students do not read textbooks to acquire sound knowledge (There is no substitute for the textbooks that provide you a wider range of comprehension & knowledge)
  • Misuse of teaching aids as study aids such as PPTs (Narrow range of comprehension & knowledge).
  • Use of short reviews as the replacement textbooks (Narrow range of comprehension & knowledge).

2. Lack of strategy in learning & revision:

  • No experts to help in sorting out the learning strategies.
  • No guidance to regulate the studies.
  • No encouragement but discouragement by seniors.

3. Lack of time management:

  • Procrastination.
  • No guidance on time management.

4. Lack of test practice & self-assessment:

  • No distributed learning & practice (only bulk learning).
  • No appropriate self-assessment to scrutinize the efficiency.
1. Curriculum gap (Lacuna of knowledge):
  • The current MBBS/MD curriculum abroad is competent enough to fit international standards.
  • The primary goal of any foreign medical student is to register themselves as legal practitioners in India but curricula in foreign medical universities are not structured to aid in the FMGE India (Except few countries).
  • Curriculum gap: missing parts of the curricula in foreign medical universities that are high yield for various FMGEs (such as PSM).

2. Insufficient guidance & minimal exposure to the international type of exams/FMGE:

  • Lack of insight into the FMGE.
  • Lack of guidance on the FMGE.
  • Lack of practice of FMGE type of exams.

3. Start to prepare late.

4. Test anxiety & escape behavior:

  • Global psychological phenomenon.
  • Complication: Escape or avoidance behavior is used for reducing the anxiety episodically but it perpetuates the fear over the FMGE.
  • Self-control & discipline related:
    • Almost all Indian students are below 20 years old when they have been admitted to the MBBS/MD course in foreign countries & All these students were under the direct control & supervision of their families until they move out.
    • From a psychological point of view, this “Age range is the most vulnerable” to be easily manipulated by the social/environmental cues where absolute guidance & supervision are essential in various aspects.
    • Many of the students lose their Self-control & discipline due to the lack of familial support & proper guidance & supervision from the university side (Most of the universities are very lenient) leading to inappropriate behavior (non-compliance/laziness), living style (parties/alcohol/other addictions) & eventually leading to the loss of focus (Lack of motivation).

Low FMGE Pass Percentage & Solutions ↓

B. Reasons Why Aspirants fail to clear FMGE:  University’s Angle (China, Russia & other CIS/Post-Soviet countries)

  1. Admission of students with suboptimal quality & poor motivation.
  2. Substandard teaching in English medium (especially in China & CIS).
  3. Unavailability of proficient faculties in the English medium (especially in China & CIS).
  4. Language barrier of the faculties.
  5. Unavailability/Limited availability of updated textbooks.
  6. Outdated curriculum.
  7. A less than desirable evaluation system (Zachiot/exams with a fixed set of questions in CIS, Open book exam & Exam review in China).
  8. Lack of discipline, strategy & guidance for learning.
  9. Lack of training in clinical skills & instrumentation (Multiple reasons including the language barrier, Unregulated practical sessions, Lack of interest among students & minor discrimination in very few countries/cities).
  10. Poor internship training & supervision (China).
  • NB: The above-mentioned points are applicable to almost all of the universities in China, Russia & other CIS/Post-Soviet countries except for a very few ones. Philippines is relatively better however Universities of South Asia are providing education equivalent to the Indian standard.

Prepare for the FMGE While You Study MBBS in China ↓

Prepare for the FMGE While You Study MD in Russia & Post-Soviet Countries ↓

Prepare for the FMGE While You Study MBBS in South Asia ↓

C. Reasons Why Aspirants fail to clear FMGE: FMGE coaching center’s angle

  • Mass mistakes 90% of conventional coaching:
    1. K: Student’s level of knowledge & capacity are not assessed.
    2. L: Personality type & learning styles are not assessed.
    3. D: No distributed learning (revision) & practice.
    4. P: No Individual attention & performance analysis + counseling.
  • NB: Each of the FMGE aspirants is unique in his/her personality, learning pattern,  level of knowledge & discrimination skills therefore it’s impossible to implement the same study plan & strategy to everyone without analyzing them individually.

FMGE preparation tips for different learning styles ↓


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