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Study tricks increase the efficiency of reading & comprehension:

  • Narrow your focus: Tackle a manageable amount of material (Try to avoid global statements like I need to study anatomy) & Stay with one topic for at least an hour or an hour and a half. 
  • Complete the manageable subject segment or number of pages designated→ shift from this topic to a related one.
  • Once you have complete this→ take a break → change to a completely unrelated subject.
  • Sandwich trick: Sandwich subjects you dislike between two slices of those that you enjoy.
  • When you feel bogged down:  intersperse subjects you find difficult with comfortable, familiar, and somehow related ones.
  • Tackle difficult areas when you are refreshed/when your energy level is low
  • Alternate a process related course (like biochemistry)→ take a break→ tackle a physical object course (anatomy).
  • Treat yourself with your favorite subjects: only when you finish a weaker/ troublesome one,


How to choose related subjects to increase efficiency & decrease the time duration of the preparation?

  • Anatomy→ Orthopedics → Radiology→Surgery
  • Physiology→ Pathology → Pharmacology→Medicine
  • Microbiology → PSM
  • Biochemistry → Pediatrics → Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Forensic medicine → Psychiatry
  • ENT → Opthalmology
  • Skin → Anesthesia



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