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Materials to be used for the FMGE preparation:

  1. Reading theory: any systematically prepared NBE centric materials.
  2. Revision materials: organized & formatted materials exclusively for revision purpose (should be used parallel with the reading materials & for the revision later).
  3. MCQs: FMGE past papers + DNB past papers (other NBE Past papers) & Practice Tests in the latest pattern.
Important Emphasis in The Best FMGE study materials
  • All the materials available won’t fit your learning styles thus do not follow all the suggestions of others about the “Best materials”, therefore, be a good listener, analyze & choose by yourself. 
  • Pareto’s paradox of 80/20: Make sure you are working on the right 20% of materials which is the key to success than wasting on the low yield 80%.
  • Beware of the FOMO syndrome: “Fear of missing out syndrome” will trap you to use multiple & unfamiliar materials to prepare that can increase confusion & delay in preparation eventually leading to anxiety & loss of confidence.
  • Avoid using multiple & unfamiliar materials to prevent confusion, delay in preparation & make your revision easy + effective.

Subject wise Books for FMGE:

Pre & para-clinical Subjects for FMGE preparation

  1. Anatomy
    • Quick review series: Anatomy for FMGE/NEXT by P.Harinath, K.Raviraj & Vishwajit.R.D
    • Revise Anatomy in 15 days by  K.Raviraj
    • Read Self Assessment and Review of Anatomy by   Rajesh K Kaushal
  1. Physiology
    • Quick review series: Physiology for FMGE/NEXT by  Prem Balaguru &  P.Harinath
    • Review of Physiology (PGMEE) by Soumen Manna
    • Complete Review of Integrated Systems Physiology by S Krishna Kumar
  1. Biochemistry
    • Quick review series: Biochemistry for FMGE/NEXT by A.Balasubramanian
    • Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry by Rebecca James
    • Biochemistry by Smily Pahwa
  1. Pathology
    • Concepts In Pathology by Devesh Mishra
    • Review of Pathology and Genetics by Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta,
    • Pathology with the base of Medicine by AK Setiya
    • Complete Review of Pathology by Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vandana Puri
  1. Microbiology
    • Quick review series: Microbiology for FMGE/NEXT by Geethu Joe,  A.V. Sowmya & M.Balakrishnan
    • Review of Microbiology & Immunology by Apurba Sankar Sastry and Sandhya Bhat K
    • Self Assessment & Review of Microbiology & Immunology: Rachna Chaurasia
  1. Pharmacology
    • Review of pharmacology by Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta
    • Conceptual Review of Pharmacology for NBE by Ranjan Kumar Patel
  1. Forensic medicine
    • Quick review series: Forensic medicine for FMGE/NEXT by  Mohit Gupta
    • Forensic Medicine Nothing beyond for PGMEE (New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI) by J.Magendran

How to Prepare each subject for FMGE ↓

Clinical subjects for FMGE Preparation

Medicine & allied subjects

  1. Medicine
    • Complete review of medicine for NBE  by Deepak Marwa
    • Self-Assessment & Review Medicine  by Mudit Khanna
  1. Psychiatry
    • Quick review series: Psychiatry for FMGE/NEXT by Rajesh Kannan &  P.Harinath
    • Review of Psychiatry (PGMEE) by Praveen Tripathi
  1. Dermatology & STD
    • Read Review of Dermatology by Saurabh Jindal

How to Prepare each subject for FMGE ↓

General Surgery & allied subjects for FMGE Preparation

  1. General surgery
    • FMGE/DNB/NEET: PG General Surgery (Nutshell Series) by R. Rajamahendran &  Panchadcharam Harinath
    • Surgery sixer for NBE by R. Rajamahendran
    • Read Surgery Essence (PGMEE) by Pritesh Singh
  1. Anaesthesiology
    • Quick review series: Anesthesia for FMGE/NEXT by Varsha Kharab,  A.Preethi Rajsri &  Deepesh Manoharan
    • Anesthesia Essence by Pritesh Singh & Usica Chandan
  1. Orthopedics
    • Orthopedics Quick Review (OPQR) by Apurv Mehra & Thameem Saif
  1. Radiology
    • Read Review of Radiology (PGMEE) by Rajat Jain &Virendra Jain

How to Prepare each subject for FMGE ↓

Other Subjects for FMGE Preparation

  1. Pediatrics
    • Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE  by Deepak Marwah
    • Review of Paediatrics & Neonatology (PGMEE) by Taruna Mehra
  2. Eye
    • Review of Ophthalmology by Ruchi Rai
    • Self Assessment and Review of Ophthalmology (PGMEE) by Sudha Seetharam
  3. ENT
    • Self Assessment & Review ENT (PGMEE) by Sakshi Arora
    • ENT for Entrance Exam (EEE) by Manisha Sinha, Sachin Budhiraja.
  4. OBG
    • Rapid Revision Of Obstetrics & Gynaecology For FMGE by Harmeet Goel
    • Self-Assessment & Review Obstetrics & Gynaecology by Sakshi Arora Hans
  5. PSM
    1. Quick review series: PSM for FMGE/NEXT by Preethi Mithun & A.Balaji
    2. Review of Preventive & Social Medicine by Vivek Jain

How to Prepare each subject for FMGE ↓

All in One Review Books for FMGE:

  • ROAMS review of all medical subjects by Agrawal V.D.
  • Sure Success Magic (Maximum Advantage Guide for Integrated Course Study) by B. Ramgopal
  • Platinum Notes: Preclinical Sciences by Ashfaq Ul Hassan

All in One MCQ Books for FMGE:

  • FMGE formula by DMA team
  • A complete NBE centric approach FMGE solutions for MCI screening examination by Deepak Marwah
  • New Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Set of 3 Volumes) by Shukla Saumya and Shukla Anurag
  • Jaypee’s Triple ‘A’ by Arora Dakshi
  • Self Assessment & Review of FMGE/MCI Screening Examination by Kamal.K.V
  • Photon 20 image-based questions by JAIN.V

Grab the Best Qbank for the FMGE 2022 ↓

Last-minute revision for FMGE:

  • Quick Review Series for FMGE / NEXT by M.Balakrishnan, P.Harinath & Seyed Abdul Cader
  • LMRP (Last Minute Revision Points) By DBMCI
  • MIST All In One For FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduate Entrance Exam)

DMA’s “FIRE AIDS” Compact Revision ↓

Online study materials for FMGE:

Why the facts are given can be slightly different from book to book?

  • Facts are compiled from various standard textbooks, therefore you might find a slight difference in some facts, numbers & rages therefore when authors compile materials for the review books or explanations for the MCQ they should provide the references of the sources to prevent the confusion among students.
  • Sources of references shall be:
    1. Standard textbooks (published with copyrights & ISBN)
    2. Articles from the scientific journals (published)
    3. Official scientific websites (universities & scientific organizations)
  • Sources of references should not be:
    1. Review books compiled for exam purpose
    2. Unpublished materials (class notes & blogs etc)
    3. Unofficial websites (Wikipedia)
  • Beware: Students may perceive that the answers or the facts are wrong when he/she uses multiple materials from different coaching institutes that might lead to a mass confusion state.
  • The answers in FMGE are decided by references chosen by NBE & certainly not by the faculties of the coaching institutes.


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