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What is the Strategy to Attempt Maximum MCQs in FMGE?

  • Knowing the theory is not enough because the key to success in FMGE depends on the FMGE aspirants’ ability to implement the knowledge & choose the correct option within the given “time frame”.
  • About 70-75% of the FMGE have difficulties in approaching the MCQs in the FMGE due to the lack of time management skills/techniques.

Weeks before the exam day:

  • Familiarize with all aspects of the FMGE/MCI exam/MCI screening test: Practice as many past exam papers & mocks as possible to nasty surprises (Less nasty surprises = less stress)
    • Lack of test practice & self-assessment during the FMGE preparation: Lack of acquaintance decreases accuracy and speed in the exam but increases Test anxiety.

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  • Visualize the Exam Process of the FMGE/MCI exam/MCI screening test: Imagine yourself at the exam (image all that happen during the exam) for 1 min each day for a week before your exam (Anticipation & mental rehearsal decrease the stress & increase the confidence).
    1. Waiting outside ID Verification Security check.
    2. Walking into the exam room Reading the directions & completing the filling of credentials.
    3. Sitting good posture feeling confident and calm Concentrating on your exam.
    4. Completing & coming out with satisfaction.

On the Day of the FMGE/MCI exam/MCI screening test:

  1. Focus on what you know: forget about the things I hadn’t had a chance to study and simply focus on the things you knew.
  2. The exam pacing: Answer each question in 50 seconds (The same pace you have  practiced)
    • Time yourself to strictly adhere to a 50-seconds-a-question regimen during the exam.
  3. Analysis of the FMGE MCQs:
    • Reading every aspect of the question thoroughly and carefully (Avoid jumping to conclusions).
    • Read the question accurately and take care to read the directions (intuitive have a tendency to overlook directions).
    • Pay attention to qualifying words that will narrow your answer choice possibilities (except’, ‘but’ or ‘not’).
    • When the stem includes several complicated statements, isolate each of them & Make sure you understand each individual.
    • Read all of the possible choices, even if you think the first or second choice is correct (Avoid jumping to conclusions).

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  1. Don’t answer the questions in the sequence or one go:
    • First, attempt all simple & easy questions.
    • Leave the difficult questions unanswered (do not linger too long over a tough question).
    • Allot time to go back to rethink difficult questions at the end while setting your pace.
    • Keep moving and don’t break your concentration.
    • Answer questions in clusters of 5 or 10 as a minimum (Never attempt to Solve all questions in one go).
  2. An effective strategy to Attempt Maximum MCQs in FMGE through smart time management per each part (150 min):
    • Initial 100 min: It’s wise to emphasize that about 20 MCQs might be tough for most of the students, therefore, they shall be left to be tackled at last.
      • 130 MCQS (easy & confusing questions) X 45 s = about 100 min
      • How to Use the Mark option?
Type of  FMGE MCQ Answer Attempt Mark Duration
Easy/simple Confident Yes No About 100 min
Confusing Doubtful Yes Yes
Completely unknown Unknown No No
  • Next 50 Minutes: Review the unanswered/marked MCQs & Options you chose.
    • Use the Review option: Click on ‘Review’ & you shall advance back to the ‘unattempted MCQs’ or move to the ‘Marked and Attempted MCQs’.
Attempt Mark Type of MCQ What to do? Duration
Unattempted Unmarked Completely unknown Educated guess 10 min
Attempted Marked Confusing Reconsider & change the answer if necessary 20 min
  •  Rapid check of the answered MCQs (20 min): This window of time can be used to rapidly check the answered MCQs with the Options you chose at a glance & consider to change the answer choices if you have overlooked a significant qualifying word or you can think of an obvious (You are sure about the mistake made).
  • NB: This time management technique is devised by Dr.Haris’s Team of Toppers & experts which gives you the strategy to cover maximum MCQs & to choose the best option  However its wise to note that some FMGE aspirants might have their own techniques, therefore, it is important to emphasize that this technique is not rigid you can always adjust/adapt/modify to fit your style, comfort & effectiveness.

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