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Unfair Means in FMGE:

  • Candidates shall be deemed to have used unfair means when found indulging in any of the following during the course of the FMGE in the FMGE Exam centers:
    1. Wrong statement: candidates found to have made a wrong statement in his/her application form for admission to the examinations /counseling/training or has attempted to secure or has secured admission to any of the examinations of NBE by making a false statement or by the production of a false document.
    2. Tampered with any entry: candidates found to have tampered with any entry in the certificate or statement of marks or any certificate issued by any governmental or non-governmental body or any other document that has been issued to him/ her by the Board.
    3. Use/possession of any kind of electronic gadgets including mobile phones with or without the internet (whether the gadgets are actually used or not).
    4. Having in possession of any form of texts including note-book(s) or notes or chits or any other unauthorized material concerning the subject pertaining to the examination paper. Anything written on any part of clothing, body, desk, table, or any instrument such as set square, protractor, blotting paper, and question paper, etc.
    5. Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so (including while going to the toilet or in the toilet).
    6. Change of seats without the permission of Examination Superintendent/ In-charge Computer Laboratory.
    7. Contacting or communicating others: Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Examination Staff, during the examination time in the examination center Computer Laboratory (including while going to the toilet or in the toilet).
    8. Consulting: Consulting notes, books, or any other material or outside person while going out of the examination hall/Computer Laboratory to the toilet or to any other place (including while going to the toilet or in the toilet).
    9. Impersonation.
    10. Trying to destroy the means of cheating: Running away or swallowing or destroying any note or paper or material found with him/her (including while going to the toilet or in the toilet).
    11. Copying: receiving or giving help to any other candidate through copying or copying from unauthorized material (including while going to the toilet or in the toilet).
    12. Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the examinations or threatening of any of the candidates.
    13. Peeping into the computer monitor screen of the other candidate.
    14. Disclosing his/her identity or continuation sheet before leaving the examination hall.
    15. Hacking or attempting to hack: Hacking or attempting to hack or causing interference with the website of NBE or its Technology Partner(s) or their Information Technology systems.
    16. Tampering with Information Technology systems of NBE or Technology Partner(s) or Computer Laboratory or Damaging the computer systems of computer Laboratory.
    17. Influence or pressurize officials: Candidate found to have attempted or trying to attempt personally or through another person to influence or pressurize an examiner, or any officer or official connected with the examinations of the NBE or its technology partner, either at the Board or at the office of technology partner or their respective residence(s), in any matter concerned with the examinations.
    18. Appearing in other NBE exams before qualifying FMGE and is registered by the Medical Council of India / State Medical Council, is an unfair means case and is to be dealt with accordingly.
    19. Appear with different names: the candidates have appeared multiple times in the same session of examination or have appeared in the same or different examination of NBE with different names, unfair means case shall be registered against such candidate and dealt accordingly.
    20. No content of this exam must be shared: All candidates appearing or have appeared in examinations conducted by NBE are governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which prohibits the candidate from publishing, reproducing, or transmitting any or some contents of the test, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or for any purpose
    21. The decision of NBE shall be final and binding for declaration of any person/candidate guilty of foregoing or such offense as shall be classified as UMC.

Violation & consequences in FMGE:

  • Any candidate violating the NDA will be treated as UMC.
  • Any act of candidate/any person which is detrimental to the safe, secure, and smooth conduct of examination and the decision of EEC in this regard shall be final.
  • Any candidate found guilty of having adopted anyone or more of the above Unfair means/misconduct is liable to be penalized with a penalty by the Ethics Committee:
    1. Which may vary from cancellation of the examination.
    2. Expulsion up to the next 14 attempts/7 yrs.
    3. Cancellation of candidature as may be decided by examinations.

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