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Your productivity depends on your health, therefore take care of your health, eat healthy food & exercise regularly to maximize your potential during the FMGE preparation.

  1. Consume regularly: some things you should consume regularly to keep yourself feeling focused.
  2. Occasional treat: Be aware that when you have something to eat very often may knock out your productivity, but they are perfect as an occasional treat.

Consume regularly during the MCI exam/FMGE preparation & FMGE revision:

  • Water: You should keep yourself hydrated and help your body function to be optimal.
  • Leafy Green Veggies: They contain Vitamin B and folic acid that have been shown to improve your brain’s ability to stay focused and think clearly. These leafy green veggies are rich in stress-busting magnesium. People with low magnesium levels (most of us, actually) are more likely to have elevated C-reactive protein levels and at a greater risk for depression. Magnesium helps regulate cortisol and blood pressure too, Since magnesium gets flushed out of the body when you’re stressed, it’s crucial to get enough.
  • Fruits: proved to enhance blood flow, ultimately getting more blood and oxygen to your brain (Blueberries & Avocados). People who took high doses of vitamin C before engaging in stress-inducing activities recovered faster from the cortisol surge than those who got a placebo in a number of studies & fruits are the natural supply Vitamin C.
  • Fish: contains Omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to decrease fatigue & increase mental performance and aid memory, makes it the perfect choice for a post revision dinner.
  • Eggs: are high in protein, vitamins & minerals, therefore they are a perfect choice for an energizing breakfast to help you start your day.
  • Nuts: Stress depletes our vitamin B stores and snacking on nuts helps replenish them which helps us handle the fight-or-flight stress response. The Potassium in nuts is also key in lowering the blood pressure and reducing the strain stress (Couple servings of potassium-packed pistachios a day).  Nuts are good sources of the antioxidant vitamin E, which is associated with less cognitive decline as you age and also rich with essential oils and amino acids that aid your focus.

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Occasional treat during the MCI exam/FMGE preparation & FMGE revision:

  • Sugary treats: can be tempting as a quick and tasty energy boost but may leave you feeling tired/sleepy and restless afterward.
  • Fast Food: won’t provide any of the nutrients your body needs and will often just leave you craving more unhealthy food.
  • Coffee: caffeine is a great accompaniment to studying in small doses by boosting your concentration & wake you up in the morning but high doses can lead to restlessness, palpitation & insomnia
  • Green tea: contains caffeine & theanine. Theanine has been shown to “increase alpha-wave activity”, which increases tranquility therefore both the ingredients combine to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Dark chocolate: contains magnesium, which stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin to  de-stress & theobromine has been proven to heighten mental alertness (dark chocolate =not the sugary, milky kind)
  • Snacks: healthy snacks are encouraged but it’s important not to overdo it.
  • Alcohol: try and avoid it entirely for the duration of the exam period to avoid the headaches, tiredness, and other side effects that it can cause.

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