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Why do students start to Prepare Late for FMGE?

  • When To Start Preparing For FMGE? is the most common question by the foreign medical graduates during the undergraduate period.
  • FMGE is a licensure examination for the Foreign Medical Graduates to acquire the license to practice in the country, therefore, the FMGE syllabus is the MBBS syllabus prescribed by the MCI which is different from the syllabi of most of the countries where Foreign Medical Graduates enroll except for the South Asian countries.
  • The discrepancy in the syllabi, overconfidence, illusion of competency, lack of guidance, procrastination & misconceptions join hands together to delay the FMGE preparation by the FMGE aspirants.

The Key reasons Why do students start to Prepare Late for FMGE?

  • Overconfidence: Students are used to preparing for only a fixed set of questions in almost all universities in China, Russia & Post-Soviet countries & score high in the local exams lead to their overconfidence.
  • The illusion of competency: Less desirable assessments conducted in almost all universities in China, Russia & Post-Soviet countries that are not equipped enough to diagnose your competence (strengths and weaknesses) lead to a false belief that your knowledge is sound enough in what you studied. 
  • Lack of guidance: Insufficient guidance of FMGE, lack of knowledge of updated MCI syllabus & the depth of the concepts to be studied lead to chaos in starting the preparation on time.
    • Overestimate how much time you have left to prepare?
    • Underestimate how long certain preparation will take to complete?
  • Procrastination due to extracurricular activities: no control over the extracurricular activities leading Procrastination.
    • Perfect frame trap: Mistakenly assume that they need to be in the right frame of mind or time to work on the FMGE preparation.
  • Misconceptions & confusion: Many students have a number of misconceptions due to the fake news & misguidance that lead to mass confusion.
  • Mass psychology: No encouragement to study, false beliefs & misconceptions lead to the demonization of the FMGE.

Low FMGE Pass Percentage & Solutions ↓

What is the Consequence of starting to prepare late for FMGE?

  • Start to prepare late→ insufficient time → Cramming & Bulk practice→ disproportionate & High-stress→ decrease in the attention/performance (Yerk’s & Dod’s law) → Demotivation → procrastination/escape behavior → further delay in preparation → vicious cycle.

Manage your Procrastination in FMGE Preparation ↓


The strategy of effective FMGE preparation:

  1. Know the focus of the examination (FMGE Syllabus & Pattern etc).
  2. Identify your academic strengths and weaknesses (Know your strengths and weaknesses).
  3. Develop a time-efficient Plan.
  4. Develop Examination taking  Skills.

Construct a SMART study plan for the FMGE ↓

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