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  • Facts are compiled from various standard textbooks, therefore you might find a slight difference in some facts, numbers & rages therefore when authors compile materials for the review books or explanations for the MCQ they should provide the references of the sources to prevent the confusion among students.
  • Sources of references shall be:
    1. Standard textbooks (published with copyrights & ISBN)
    2. Articles from the scientific journals (published)
    3. Official scientific websites (universities & scientific organizations)
  • Sources of references should not be:
    1. Review books compiled for exam purpose
    2. Unpublished materials (class notes & blogs etc)
    3. Unofficial websites (Wikipedia)
  • Beware: Students may perceive that the answers or the facts are wrong when he/she uses multiple materials from different coaching institutes that might lead to a mass confusion state.
  • The answers in FMGE are decided by references chosen by NBE & certainly not by the faculties of the coaching institutes.



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